Multi Genre Label Accepting Demos Plus listen to some great tunes!

Jul 20, 2020
Hi Guys & Girls, DivisionBass Digital was established all the way back in 1997 to give opportunities to new and undiscovered artists that BIG BREAK and recognition they deserve where other labels would not unless they have a large fan following,

Each and every year we have been getting stronger and stronger and because of our success and reputation DivisionBass Digital has become a well known label in the EDM industry.

We pride ourselves in finding great producing talent and we search the world to find that quality talent. We do not care if you have a small fan base, As long as you have a great track and we like what we hear, we will help you achieve some great goals in your music career.

We specialize in promoting your music around the world and have a very comprehensive distribution list where your music will be sold or streamed on many of the worlds leading digital stores and streaming services including Beatport, Juno Download, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, Deezer, Youtube Music, MixUpload, Tidal, and many many more! View Our Full Distribution List Here We also send your music to hundreds of the worlds best club and radio Dj’s for plays in their set’s for maximum exposure and promotion to listeners, Fans, and future Fans.

We also collect royalties from Soundcloud and YouTube so if your track is used on any video the content id we place on your music will be tracked and you will receive royalties. DivisionBass Digital have many top class artists from around the world producing some real high quality music. Don’t Be Shy please send us your demos today visit our website for further details

If you love Drum & Bass, Dubstep, House Music or Electronica please take a listen to our tracks
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