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Jan 13, 2015
Hi all, I hope everyone is keeping well at the moment.

In the coming months, for those of you who are interested, I'm aiming to get way more active online with sharing my production process and techniques with tricks and tips videos, maybe some more written content, or even start a Patreon/YouTube account, who knows! At the moment this plan is very early days, so I'm still deciding what the best path to take is, whether I need to buy a camera etc etc etc. With that being said, I wanted to kick off things with giving you a brief overview of my most commonly used third party plugins with a short description of how I'm using them. I'll be breaking down these processes a bit more going forward, but for now, here's my list...

Let me know what you think in the comments, below 👇

For general mixing purposes, i.e. what I'm using on most tracks:

Fabfilter Pro Q (for a precise cut and tonal control on all channels):

Drum Bus/Group:

U-He Satin (for an authentic tape movement on the drums):

denise - Noize 2 (Add some white/brown noise to with the adapt switched on to add some extra dirty noise):

Soundtoys Devil-loc deluxe (Apply gently to add an extra level of analog grit to your whole drum bus):


denise - Dragon Fire (for a great level of control over one of the most important drum elements. Also applied to the snare - but not all of the time):


denise Bass XL (For a natural low end boost to the snare with no muddy frequencies added from standard eqing):

Bass Bus/Individual channels:

Waves Factory Track Spacer (The best ducking tool. Send a side chain signal from the drum bus to make the drum cut through the mids):

Soundtoys Filter Freak (For extra mid range movement and resonance):

iZotope Trash 2 (Use the Tape saturation for a low end boost, and a guitar amp to brighten the top ends):

Soundtoys Decapitator (Apply to the bus to add a special kind of analog weight):

Fab Filter Saturn 2 (Use instead of the Trash 2 for a different type of saturation):

denise Sub Generator (Create a sub bass which matches your mid line, quickly and easily. Automate the 'freq' dial to :

Drum bus reverb:

denise Perfect Room (Apply a short room to the drum bus for an extra level of depth):

Disclaimer: Please be aware that the above links are affiliate links, so a small percentage from each sale will go to me and help me spend more of my time making music, at no extra cost to yourselves!
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