new track thinkin of releasing myself what do you think

Bad Ace

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Jan 22, 2003
Hants, uk
desecration said:

on that page the track is called obituary

let me know what you think cus im thinkin of puting it out myself

hmm i wouldnt put it out yet,the main bassline put a distortion on it a bit,it sounds to err happy at the mo,but apart from that its kool.jus need the bassline haevier BUT i am listenin on headphones so i mite b wrong bro ;)


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Jan 28, 2004
Washington, DC
Liking that acidic bassline at the beginning. It drops kinda way to soon though. There is no real buildup and a DJ would be going out of their mind trying to mix it in. About half way in you add this extra underlying sub that makes the tune a lot more effective. Otherwise it sounds really midrangy. I think ultimately the main thing that lets this down is the drum sounds. That snare just doesn't sound right, I'd go for something tuned a bit lower and make the kick hit a bit deeper, maybe even have it hold down a bit of the under 80hz action. Really, if you just sort out those drums and extend the intro, this would be some tight neurofunk ;)


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