5 Fun and Interesting Jobs That Allow You to Travel for Free

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Nov 19, 2020

5 Fun and Interesting Jobs That Allow You to Travel for Free

Do you often dream of traveling the world for free? Imagine going places and doing what you love. Good news because you can make this dream a reality. Nowadays, you can work while traveling at the same time without paying for your plane ticket, accommodation, and more.

Many people love to travel except that they don’t like the expenses that go with it. Depending on your destination, airfare and hotels can be expensive, not to mention the added expense of food, sight seeing, and the like. Fortunately, there are jobs out there that allow you to travel for free while getting paid for your work. Here are some of them:

Travel Writer

Many travel magazines hire travel writers to write for them. However, most successful travel writers start from being freelancers. This means you have to invest your own money on going to different places and writing about them. For example, you can write travelogues and post them on your personal travel-related blog or website. Once you’ve established a name for yourself, it won’t be long before travel magazines and reputable websites hire you to write pieces for them. Some will even send you to a famous destination for free just so you can write about it.


It pays to speak more than one language. If you like traveling, you should learn different languages and become an interpreter. There are international companies who hire interpreters and they get to travel with the big bosses for free. Though it’s challenging to learn another language, just think of all the places you can visit for free.


Do you like capturing moments with your camera? If yes, you can turn your hobby into a career by being a photographer. Just like with travel writers, many photographers start as freelancers. You have to invest in your equipment and pay for travel when you’re just starting, but once you start sharing your amazing photos with the rest of the world, you’ll get noticed and it won’t be long before job offers start coming in.

Travel Agent

Obviously, those in the travel industry get opportunities to travel for free and being a travel agent is one of them. Nowadays, many individuals want to go on a hassle-free vacation. They’d rather pay a travel agent to handle everything including accommodation and transportation. As a travel agent, you can accompany clients on their trips and serve as their tour guide. You get paid for your services and travel for free to famous tourist destinations.

Escorts or Adult Related Professions

You don’t need a law degree or a high educational background to be an escort, you just need to be friendly and easy to get along with. You may need to do some occasional roleplaying and maybe engage in some flirty sex chat, but the upsides can be plentiful. Escorts can make great money. There’s a misconception that escorts are hired only for live sex, but they are also hired as travel companions, business events / parties or just a nice evening out. Many escorts have regular clients who they see regularly, and when chosen to travel abroad, the pay is even higher.

In Conclusion

These jobs provide opportunities for you to travel for free. However, you have to invest money, time, and effort in order to land a good-paying job with travel incentives. Also, traveling is fun and enlightening but remember to be careful too. Know more about your destination and the people you’ll be working or dealing with. For more updates on travel and hospitality, visit here.
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