Jaw - Nice Morning


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Howdy man,

really liked the intro! A lot! The sounds and vocal chop really reminded me of C.R.S.T, it had that nice Garage kinda feel :) Check them out if your wondering what I mean, Forever After and Good Love are nice tunes :D

Although I liked the intro I think you could shorten it a bit. I know you are adding some new elements here and there but they are very subtle. Mind you, I am not really in the position to talk about long intros! Especially with some of my older tunes! :lol:

As for the percussion, I must admit I'm not that keen, I think you could play around with that a little bit. I has some nice interesting parts that said though! Could probably do with bringing the percs up a bit too :D

As for the drop, I'm not really sure. It's ok, its not that big of a change! IS there any bass? I'm only on headphones but I'm not really hearing any bassy parts.

Overall though, cool chilled out tune! Nice and relaxing, you certainly have something interesting here, feel like you could do a little more with it though :D