Trainspottle - daily classic dnb/jungle tune intros game

Yesterday's Trainspottle no.337 was Universal Project - Rux Flava

A 2001 snapshot as liquid and dub sounds come together with tough beats in a perfect soundclash of the styles this group's meeting of minds repped on various labels when they stormed on the scene.

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Yesterday's Trainspottle no.338 was Kaos + Karl K + Jae Kennedy - Studio 54

Showing off their skills with a groove (and that not even neurofunk was immune to disco d'n'b trends) this trio working out of Philadelphia were boosted by Dieselboy's Human Imprint efforts showcasing homegrown U.S. artists holding their own on the global scene.

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Yesterday's Trainspottle no.340 was Sketch & Code - Reality

Something for everyone from chords and vocals to a slow, menacing reese bassline groove for the heads, this duo brought fresh energy with catchy old skool flavour in their tunes drawing attention far & wide.

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Yesterday's Trainspottle no.341 was Kenny Ken & Footmasters - Turnaround (Remix)

The Footmasters not only caught Kenny Ken's ear to sign them for some releases but also join them in studio on some nicely balanced techy jump-up. Toughened up beats on the remix here for a groove that fit nicely in his dancefloor-moving sets.

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Yesterday's Trainspottle no.343 was DJ SS - Dual Voltage (99 Remix)

This 'Sound Of The Future' stayed on plate for years part of the slow burning S-Files LP/remixes collection but DJs who had it witnessed the damage the snappier, jumpier update could do to the floor.

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Yesterday's Trainspottle no.347 was Bill Riley - Closing In

Showing his range of skills and just how one with the Full Cycle sound he is Bill Riley builds up to an irresistible stepper topped off nicely with vocal snippets. Bristolian funk cooked to perfection.👨‍🍳😗🤌

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Yesterday's Trainspottle no.354 was Delta & Format - Shine On

Underpinning many of Reinforced's eras was belief that beyond hardcore junglism the breaks, bass and ethos was a framework to build with other styles. Here's a nice example of broken beat influences of the day, maybe even tribal house, melting together into an infectious groove.

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Yesterday's Trainspottle no.355 was Kraken - Side Effects

The Underfire collection this was part of presented a vision for the next wave of neurofunk with hard-hitting beats & technical precision and the d'n'b world rapidly became more familiar with an undeniable beast in the sound. Release the Stakka & Skynet!

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Yesterday's Trainspottle no.364 was Optical - The End Part I

Slow, moody build and different drums wrapped in trademark analog warmth you can hear Optical squeezing alien techno funk out of his synths & samplers to shape the future of d'n'b. Part of a beginning.

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Yesterday's Trainspottle no.365 was Marcus Intalex - Temperance

Marcus bringing thru sounds in a modern way with tinges of hardcore, electro, dub & jungle rockin' down the house. Even a title homage to a night at Manchester's Hacienda that helped take club culture to new levels. A love for the music.

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Yesterday's Trainspottle no.390 was Click'n'Cycle - 125th Street

Early Ed Solo work with Dave from SOUR deviating from Emotif's techsteppin' charge with Last Poets & Redman samples, mix of breaks and double bass groove to great effect. Urban jungle jazz flavour.

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Yesterday's Trainspottle no.399 was Capone - Jah

Ruff, rugged & raw Dillinja: a playful soundsystem groove lures you in, elastic bass powering up, before a combination of Cybotron beats and heavyweight amens throws down with no relent. Jah comes to test.

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Yesterday's Trainspottle no.413 was E-Sassin - Abduction (remix)

Techsteppin' sounds captivated many and spread globally like stalwart US producer & DJ E-Sassin here whose hard and dark takes helped establish and inspire the West Coast #dnb scene further and garner UK exposure from the likes of DJ SS' worldly ways here.

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Yesterday's Trainspottle no.432 was Jonny L - Lets Roll (Dub Mix)

Putting aside the lengthier, cringe-inducing Iraq war/Bush vocal sample, a historical snapshot if anything, this tune is less a political statement and more Jonny L bringing his tight production to an upbeat, stomper of a tune. One for the dancefloor soldiers.

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Yesterday's Trainspottle no.446 was Digital - Waterhouse Dub

Digital reached beyond the jungle deep into the soundsystem to grab the roots & culture dub sounds of bass and with an intense breakbeat groove and the horns' siren call tapped into a raw undeniable essence that grabbed dancefloors.

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Yesterday's Trainspottle no.467 was Faith In Chaos - Possession (Kemal + Rob Data remix)

With their provocative project giving a hardcore punk spin to dirty beats, bass & vocals Dylan & Robyn Chaos both planted the flag on the edge of darkside dnb and flew it high to inspire others' mixing of influences and experimentation. The level-pushing neurofunk duo remix it into a devious workout for freaks everywhere. Perfect one to cap off a recent run of frighteningly fun tunes!🎃

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Yesterday's Trainspottle no.475 was G-Squad - High and Dry

With support from Kenny Ken, Cold Steel provided a place for producers to explore evolving drum & bass sounds particularly the likes of G-Squad who were rapidly developing their skills with tougher techy beats with a jump-up edge like this one here.

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Yesterday's Trainspottle no.481 was Total Science - Zanzibar

Total Science showing their experience presenting a jungle & drum & bass blend that puts elements of garage house alongside their trademark old skool tinges in an irresistible, genre-pushing dancefloor mover.

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Yesterday's Trainspottle no.488 was Mechanizm - Mystic Amen

Tapping into some raw jungle fever elements young Bristol bubblers including Clipz deliver an early dancefloor driver as skills continued to be refined and direction defined.

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Yesterday's Trainspottle no.489 was Fibre Optix - Sin

Usual Suspects & DJ Reality with some growling, bass-heavy, techy two-step sounds exemplifying Hardware's era-defining direction and smashing dancefloors.

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