decks for beginners


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Jun 6, 2009
hi my son has asked for decks for his 13th birthday and i have no idea what to get him for beginners can anyone help please.
woah... definately do what junglist said jen thats a great deal and you get everything. prob sorted
Best way to start mixin' imo, if you can start mixin' pretty well on belt drives and move up to direct drives when pos then mixin' quality should be pretty good
i just think that even someone who has never used decks before should go with direct drive.
Go on, and look for the "Numark TT1625 battle pack", you get 2 decks (direct drive),a mixer,headphones,needles,speakers and all the leads and bit and pieces.
im 21 and ive been using this for a couple of years now, perfect starter pack!:)
i think you get some vinyl with it aswell
The whole bundle costs around £265.00
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this is the ideal set up for beginners

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