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  • yeah that is a weird one! looked just like ya. wasnt the best night really shotta was decent though
    yeah man they're solid decks! got me a 1210 now though and in process of getting the next one! but theyve served me well!
    easy mate.... swear i saw u in basement 45 last night?? gurnin ur tits off to shotta n taxman, wearin a white evisu top???? if not then my bad, if it was u then HI
    Nahman, takes the piss...that pic must have been almost 10 years old now...

    If i ever stumble across my snaps of the station ill be sure to send em your way pal!
    Oh Defo a Legend!!

    Well...that photo is probs a good few years old now...

    the station was siiiiik when it was fully commissioned - was tight as anything...fuck knows why they got rid...

    Now its just a bland old station...
    Dose!!....that pic in your sig! take it yourself??...Its in Nunhead station just up the road from me...Gotta be a good 10 years old now!?...

    Think i got a load more pics floating around of the rest of the station when it was commissioned by shine and skore (maybe a couple of others)
    hola! sorry ive no credit on my phone to text you back! but yeah im all good thanks and no problem for the other night, i really enjoyed it too :) ive just finished work now, just having a biff then my pa's picking me up at 3.30. ive got such a mission to london today but its alright, trains well comfey n all :) well have a good one mr oli and il give u a ding dong between xmas and new year xxx
    Yeah definitely. Soph said we should meet up, so let me know when you're not busy with work, and we'll get together. :)

    Xmas eve, don't know. Possibly working. Otherwise, drinking. Xmas day, Chris - that I live with, and 3 mates are having a meal at mine and getting shitfaced Boxing day going to my Dad's for another christmas! :)

    Yeah, I'm alright, Just chilling at home. Not up to much today, going to do some uni work and a bit of house work, but I've got work at 7am tomorrow, so it's got to be an early one for me!

    What are your plans for christmas Oli?
    thanks mate, it was great meeting you. Sophie told me that you made it to work ok the next morning. hope you didnt feel too rotten :lol: i had a great time in bristol, another trip there next year is definitely on the cards!
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