1. Nykkynn

    All Original DNB by Yours Truly

    Nykkynn LIVE at the Offbeat in LA ^Soundcloud Link - All Original Drum n Bass Music I played a set at the Offbeat in LA on Sunday afternoon; May 7th, 2023. All the artists there were Modular DJs- LIVE and amazing. I think a lot of DJs are going in that direction because it allows you to bend...
  2. J

    Would anyone be interested in listening to some of my music?

    Hi I have been making a few different drum and bass song thought I'd upload my SoundCloud and maybe if anyone is interested could let me know what you think! Check out V I X I M DNB on #SoundCloud

    UK Hip Hop. Classical Samples. Dirty Bass. Dark Thoughts. Production Experiments. Home Recording

    Wasson guys, any feedback/ criticism please! Dark original track (V1) of the track. I'm not a rapper, I'm not a musician but I fkn love all types of sound! Look after yourselves through this crazy time! Stable mentality is everything. Support each other. One and the same.
  4. P

    Yo DnB

    Easy DnB, Producer from brum: Any collabs - feedback - or just general love is bless!
  5. D

    DnB New Songs

    Made a couple of songs any feedback is always welcome
  6. C

    DnB [WANTED] Independent Mixes/Producers Need your Tunes.

    Has anyone got any mixes or their own tunes i could upload - all credit to the rightful owner, just trying to get something started here, i've had a few nights held in my hometown but trying to promote and push independent dnb heads. regards, cONE.
  7. SoulDefiance

    DnB Soul Defiance - We Defy Mix - Volume 1 (inc. Tracklist)

    Hey Guys, I'm new to the forum - check out my first instalment of my mix series including some dubs by me! 1 Silly (DJ Marky VIP) by DJ Marky 2 Defiant Dub by Soul Defiance 3 Complain (Original Mix) by Calibre 4 Jamming (Original Mix) by Neve, Was A Be 5 Moments of Lust (Makoto Remix) by...
  8. Redalfa


    Wanna share your vote and links.. (preferably unsigned )
  9. Monogone

    DnB Monogone - Don't let me go (feat. MHYST)

    Hi! Here is my latest production. Liquid vibes from Poland, with MHYST's lyrics from I'm fresh dnb producer. If you enjoy my new song, please subscribe my YouTube channel ;) Now I'm working with Sony Music Studio 10, but I will try to do something in Ableton soon. Tell me what...
  10. Sinus

    DnB SinusX - Eralash[Feedback]


    Collab Partner.

    Hey guys, I've been producing Drum & Bass for a couple of years now and I am looking for somebody that I can bounce ideas with, learn new techniques with and share resources etc... I am more focused on the musical side of Drum & Bass, examples would be : GLXY, Pola & Bryson, Etherwood, LSB...
  12. Amosi

    Hi DnB Forum!

    I'm David, I'm Dutch and I make DnB. Without going all "I grew up in a family where...." the shortest way to put it is that I've always loved music, and most of the time in my life I've been making music of all sorts as well. Until my house got robbed, I lost everything basically, and I didn't...
  13. phillycentrik

    DnB Hey Guys I'm Centrik, Liquid D&B Producer from Portsmouth. Check my fb page give us a like and share!! Fresh music coming soon, but you can check out all our latest stuff!!
  14. Iris dejaWu

    Iris-dejaWu From AUS

    Hi everyone! I'm Iris dejaWu, a multi instrumentalist / composer / producer currently living in the land down under :P I make all sorts of different music. I've been madly in love with DnB music for about 1.5 year now. Still learning and exploring in the ocean of music. Here's a DnB track I...
  15. Purcelluk

    Any producers on this forum, heres some FREE samples for you guys!!

  16. JLBsot

    DnB My First DnB Track

    Hi guys, I'm a newcomer to this forum, I've been producing garage/grime/bass for about 6 years now but have recently decided to try my hand at DnB. Here is my first DnB tune, Survive. Would like to know what you think. If you leave any feedback I will check out your tunes and feed back in...
  17. A

    DNB Dojo Mix Series 31: Reflektor

  18. TwistedSenses16

    DnB New member - Unsigned Producer

    Hey DnB members, I'm new to the forum and I'm here to reach out to new listeners and find new artists and producers who'd like to collab. I have this new track I'd like to share and get some feedback on, its called 'The End', its a drum & bass track with a twist at the drop, and I think it'd be...
  19. TwistedSenses16

    Introducing Myself - Twisted Senses

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to this forum, I'm here to meet like minded people and to share my music as well as check out other peoples projects. I've not really used forums before but I'm ready to get stuck in. Im a producer myself from Manchester, UK. I produce Drum & Bass, Dubstep and House.. the...
  20. prettyherb

    Feedback on deep liquid track

    Whoo!! Been ages since i've posted a track here for feedback... Would be nice to know how you are feeling this one. The little vocal in the breakdown i'm still not to keen on, just added it yesterday and it needs some more finetuning. Yo Ruben
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