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DnB New member - Unsigned Producer


New Member
Hey DnB members,

I'm new to the forum and I'm here to reach out to new listeners and find new artists and producers who'd like to collab. I have this new track I'd like to share and get some feedback on, its called 'The End', its a drum & bass track with a twist at the drop, and I think it'd be pleasantly surprising to your ears.

If you anyone wants to have a listen, they can do here;

No one has too but the feedback would be much appreciated and it'll help me in knowing what direction to go forward in, what I can change and adapt and what I'm doing right.

Also, if anyone wants to collab with me, please feel free to get in touch, whether your an MC or producer.



New Member
.I like it! did not particularly like the second drop as it sounded like a broken cd player, the small loop dragged on too much but nice one!