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Jun 16, 2016
Hi everyone! I'm Iris dejaWu, a multi instrumentalist / composer / producer currently living in the land down under :P

I make all sorts of different music. I've been madly in love with DnB music for about 1.5 year now. Still learning and exploring in the ocean of music.

Here's a DnB track I made yesterday (my very first full DnB song as well), inspired by the Orlando Shooting. Made with a heavy heart and respect. Hoping to pass the right message and feeling thro music. Let me know what do u think, peace!

You can add me on Soundcloud:
Email: irisgw@hotmail dot com

Looking forward to learning(always) and collaborating!!!
Thanks everyone for the honest feedback!

When I heard&watched the news, I was really shocked and depressed. Started to doubt human nature and questioning why this is still happening in our world. I wrote this song in a complicated mood, depression, sadness, anger, ... I put all my emotion into it. I'm hoping to pass the similar emotion and feeling to others. Pass msg thro music.
(putting gunshots at the beginning of the song to feel the sense of unsettling>>cutting news video samples to reinforce and reminding people of what happened>>then it's the anger/sadness/twisted mind(couldn't understand the ugly human spirit)>>piano, moaning and inspiring people to start thinking)

Ps: when I started to use the samples I chopped from CNN news, my roommate suggested me to not to use these unpleasant sound. But I think that's exactly what I want. An unsettling feeling and emotion, to remind people of what has happened and maybe calling the fear/grief out. Passing the msg of peace, cuz we don't want something horrible like that to happen in our world again and again.
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no its not that, your ambience in the tune is stupid at best, its not effective or unsettling, its that youre cashing in on a tragic and senseless act of violence that makes this in bad taste.
Wow, I totally get what you mean, even tho that's not my intention. I did have another friend doubt and remind me of the same thing. I tried to argue the point with him but apparently he's not the only one.
I really appreciate your honest thoughts! I accept that!
Just fixed the title, picture, all tags and description in soundcloud. (y)
Fucking hell Egypt Stefan, I thought you were dead too, NOW WHERE IS MY CUNTING SLAM, SHIT IT OUT NOW OR ELSE ......................
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