1. PRTCL

    Cyborgs EP [Humanoid] w/ Raiden, Trace, PRTCL, Xenon and SpecOne

    Hi all, today sees the relase of the Cyborgs EP on Humanoid. Find the tracks below and grab a copy from today. Grab a copy from: Enjoy! Joe
  2. Puchta DNB

    Puchta DNB - Mixset/Podcast - DJ BDP - Drum & Bass Techstep Neurofunk

    Puchta Mixset/Podcast Drum & Bass Techstep Neurofunk
  3. Puchta DNB

    Puchta - Smoke

    Puchta - Smoke Drum & Bass Techstep Neurofunk Track
  4. WhiteSharky

    Hello everyone! Need advice from the pros in the music :)

    Hello! I am a novice beatmaker from Russia. Not so long ago, I began to master this skill :) I am here to meet and learn more about musical tips and tricks. I want to ask the pros for advice: what services do you use to promote your tracks? Soon I plan to finish the first track and I can not...
  5. theAmadei

    New music platform Amadei

    Hello everyone! I’m Alex, would like to show you global music manage to platform for independent artists Take your time to look it through. Here you can find composer, vocalist, lyricist, sound designer for your project. Here you can distribute worldwide and promote your track. If...
  6. risto orpus

    A Track.

    Been working on this one for a bit, havent been active in this forum cause of mandatory military service but ill try my best to listen to the tracks when i can. in any case feedback would be appreciated :D
  7. risto orpus

    New song

    been working on this one for a while if you dont mind taking a listen and giving some feedback, would appreciate it immensely :´)
  8. risto orpus

    A Track i've been working on.

    A track i've been working on for some time now, too afraid of posting it before having some professional ears seer trough it first. So please, be as harsh as you feel the need to be. I would aprecciate it ALOT. :D
  9. risto orpus

    A New Track

    This new track i finished, a 140bpm (''breakbeat''?), in the vein of dnb. Appreciate the feedback, if any comes :D
  10. Vengeance

    DnB Uniques Presents Vengeance Music Group Podcast 001

    Uniques Presents Vengeance Music Group Podcast 001 >>>Visit site to download<<< >>>Soundcloud Link<<< VMG Podcast 001 Tracklist: 1 – Uniques Ft. Dinks – Evil executioner (Hustlin Beats) 2 – Tomoyoshi – Run (Vengeance Recordings) 3 – Excalibur & Dogsection – Kromagnon (Forthcoming Special...
  11. risto orpus

    A new track

    A track that i've been working on for a while now, Tell me what you think, be as harsh as you want to
  12. PRTCL

    DnB Standard Protocol Mix no. 10

    Hey all, Here is the 10th installment of my regular mix series...There is some very good drum and bass around at the moment, I'm really happy with the state of things at the moment so I had a lot of fun putting the track list together for this and recording it. Nice one Joe
  13. L

    my creation of the soul

    My musical Brothers and Sisters! I present to you my child, my creation of the soul. Individual selection of playlists on every day. collecting, playlists, music, ethnic, world, shamanic, new age, ambient, trance, folk, music of indigenous tribes, island music...


    If you want to hear something a little different then listen to the music made by the highly controversial rapper from the little town of LU called POLISH. You can hear my songs at if you want. Let me know what you think and leave some feedback. WARNING!!! Very...
  15. Amosi

    DnB Amosi - Sterren (Liquid DnB - Free DL)

    Hi guys, posted this tune for free DL. Have too much music on my HD only, and while I'm looking for that first release on a 'suiting' label, I'm gonna put up some more stuff on SoundCloud to share with like minded folks Also, when would you probably listen to this tune? (see the poll)...
  16. P

    DnB Phil Tangent - Mandala/Electric Touch (Lunar Records) - Out now!

    Phil Tangent - 'Mandala'/'Electric Touch' Available from Lunar Records online store >>> Cheers Phil
  17. Leniz

    DnB Yes...another wip

    Started this today. Im in love with it already. Anything u dont like about it or you think isnt right? Comment it! :) I also have a melody but didnt have a good synth yet so it's not included (NEWEST VERSION)
  18. THE Dominion Order

    UNIT 7

    Live @ 7pm GMT WE who are about to spin Salute you.. UNIT 7 D-S Myrmidon D-S Dark Angel Primary Stream Follow us on chewtv Twitter Mixcloud Facebook Instagram Live streams & recordings of all our previous shows can be found on Our Facebook page Twitter chewtv...
  19. D

    Sky Series Mix Series

    check out Sky Series mix done by DJ iSpeed
  20. SoulDefiance

    DnB Soul Defiance - We Defy Mix - Volume 1 (inc. Tracklist)

    Hey Guys, I'm new to the forum - check out my first instalment of my mix series including some dubs by me! 1 Silly (DJ Marky VIP) by DJ Marky 2 Defiant Dub by Soul Defiance 3 Complain (Original Mix) by Calibre 4 Jamming (Original Mix) by Neve, Was A Be 5 Moments of Lust (Makoto Remix) by...
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