1. JBrennand99

    Lancashire, 'Vinyl Event' anyone?

    If you're from Lancs or close by & fancy a night of strictly vinyl DnB & Jungle then there's an event coming up in April you will not want to miss, featuring Manchester's Jungle Syndicate Fraction & Liverpool's 100th Monkey crew: For info visit...
  2. Flexout Audio HQ

    Up next on Flexout Audio...

    Easy DnBForum crew, We're going to be using this thread to keep people updated with what releases are coming up on the label. We have some really exciting releases coming up this year, the 2016 schedule is looking pretty strong so far. If you want to be informed on what's coming next, you can...
  3. Flexout Audio HQ

    DnB Diffrent x Flexout @ The Silver Bullet, London. 11th March, Amoss, Retraflex, Fearful, Dexta & more

    The next Flexout Audio event will be in collaboration with Diffrent Music and will be held at our regular venue, The SIlver Bullet. We're really happy with the venue we hold the event at, it's intimate but had a Void Sound System which serious packs a punch. Get down to See the following...
  4. Reivaslt

    7 Music & Art Areas In Underground Rave In Vilnius (All In Acid!)

    On March 11th walls of post-soviet meat factory “Vilniaus mėsa” will be dedicated to test national creativity! This event is the unique chance to see and feel the “Acid” existence in music & Art. 6 music spaces will be filled with artists from the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Finland, Belarus...
  5. PRTCL

    Standard Protocol mix #4

    Easy forum crew, Got the latest installment of my monthly 30 minute mix series, check it using the link below: Safe! Joe
  6. G

    DnB Sigma-Grape-2015-Tracklist

    Hello people. I need this video to a playlist. well thank you link:
  7. Vlum_


    Hi! I am a very new member of this forum, and looking forward to getting more involved with the drum&bass culture here. I dont dj much, but I love to listen to mixes from many different djs like Calyx&Teebee, Noisia, Mefjus, Xtrah, and so on... Hopefully in the near future, I too will start...
  8. PRTCL

    A short production tip about finishing off your mix

    Hi DNBforum crew, I've written a short production tip on how to rebalance the levels in your project before finishing off your track, with the aim of producing a more dynamic mix. You can check it out here: Safe! Joe
  9. C

    Check New Song

    Wasp guys just wanted to share my soundcloud account so you guy can check me and my bros songs that are on there Please hit the link and like and follow if you fuck with us The link above is our newest song please check it out
  10. SY:RAX

    Label TBR Ukraine | Record Label | Music Store

    TBR Ukraine, LLC (Turn the Bass Records) The record company, to which the same applies digital-label "Bass Station Digital" TBR - one of the few Ukrainian labels, which will be selling releases, not only in the digital-format, but also on physical media, such as vinyl. The main objective of the...
  11. CockaiN

    Ambush Bane - Alien Signal / Reactor (Neurofunk)

    Pls check my neuro experiments! With respect from Ambush Bane) I'm insteresting in all comments and tips! Thx!
  12. skepsisdnb

    DnB free liquid remix | Happy - Pharrell Williams (Skepsis Bootleg)

    Been sitting on this happy remix for awhile and decided to release it finally :D free downloads for all
  13. PRTCL

    Standard Protocol mix no. 3

    Ez, I've just uploaded my latest 30 minute monthly mix, check it here: Safe! Joe
  14. E

    Hi everyone! Any advice?

    So I am working on a project for class, and I want to learn more about creating music, etc... What's your favorite thing about making music? And how do you generally use DNB Forum? Do you have any advice for a newbie?
  15. Rimski

    ChillTurtle September mixtape

    Best remixes of beginning of September Chillstep mixtape Chillstep tracklist: 00:00 Tranquil by R3kka 3.28 3:18 Silencyde - Reminisce 7:16 Hollywild - Say Who You Are, Mean What You Say (Original 12:10 Chillstep Mix) by Blakes Revolution 2.17 9:26 LAKE by Nylon Children 2.48 12:10 Fly by...
  16. Rimski

    Tranquilizing Chillstep Mixtape

    Tracklist: 00:00 Silver Sunrise (w/ Tombcat) 4.47 04:35 Aticho - Broterhood 4.34 08:45 Sound Surfer - After The Storm (Original Mix) 5.53 14:17 The Way She Moves by Glau. 5.41 19:38 A Different Journey - Start Over by Chillex Media 5.37 24:55 The Garden Of Escapism by Miro 3.56 28:40...
  17. PRTCL

    Have some free Impulse Responses on me

    Hi Guys, So I've been given a fairly big pack of Impulses Responses that I'm passing on. I've also written a short guide on how to use them and what they are for some of you who don't know what an Impulse Response is...
  18. krooked king

    Soundgarden Black Hole Sun - Nouela Cover ( Krooked King bootleg)

    Limited free download get em before they are gone!!
  19. krooked king

    Limited FREE DOWNLOAD Soundgarden Black Hole Sun ( Nouela Cover Krooked King Bootleg)

    Hurry now to catch your free download of my new remix before she maxes out!!!!