1. L

    Drum and Bass Discord!

    Hey everyone, i recently made a discord server for Drum and Bass Production. feel free to join. usefull links, tutorials, feedback and more :)
  2. A

    Looking for some feedback

    Hello you beautiful DNB community, I'm a producer from the Netherlands and been making DNB tracks since the early 2000's, but only have recently started to upload some of my tracks. I really would love to know what some of you guys think of my productions, as I know most of you guys actually...
  3. J

    DnB looking for feedback on my first mixes!

    I've been learning to mix for probably about 8 months now, I mainly mix DnB/jungle. Just looking for feedback really and what I could improve on with my mixes. I've got two out on Soundcloud, the first is Liquid didinium (Liquid DnB) - and the second is more minimal with a little bit of jump...
  4. Sinus

    DnB Sainus - Shadow[FeedBack]

    How it sounds?
  5. U

    DnB Any Feed feedback and tips on this track ? (Neuro/Minimal DnB)

    Hello guys Could you maybe help me out and give me some feedback on my first Neuro/Minimal track ? Thanks :)
  6. C

    Liquid tune that's been WIP for a while, Potential free download

    easy guys, I've been having this track in the works for a while but need to get some feedback as I can't really gauge where its at. Would love to get it finished and release it as a free download in the next few days. Cheers
  7. Dbrief

    Dbrief - Rhythms and Grooves EP (Feedback Welcomed)

    Wasssupppppp guys, So today having just got back from a reggae dnb fezzie decided to release a few of the tracks I had no idea what to do with as a free download EP.. feedback is welcomed! Bless up my party people! :rasta::rasta:
  8. Patrick Ferrari

    Lyrica Dnb Remix - what do you think about it?

    Hey guys, i would appreciate a feedback for my new remix i posted on soundcloud. The original track is from Sarah mclachlan called "Time". Best, Lyrica
  9. prettyherb

    Sorted Seizure- Drop The Funk- Free Download

    Hey Guys Got a new free download up on my soundcloud channel! Feedback is welcome as always! :) Check it here and enjoy:)
  10. Dan Zvi

    Smooth, relaxing drum and bass tune; any feedback would be great!

    Here's the link :) Hope you enjoy it!
  11. prettyherb

    Another dreamy liquid track almost done. Feedback needed :)

    Hey guys! Almost finished this badboyyyyyy. h Link is private so if you paste it in your browser it'll work (delete one 'h' from the hhttps =p Feedback would be really appreciated on this one! Thanks! Ruben
  12. L

    DnB Advice on a work in progress!

    Hey everyone, I'm new here so wanted to share something with you all as an introduction! This piece below is a work in progress and keep in mind that the mix and master are requiring immense amounts of work to perfect. But on the subject of content, I would love some feedback and constructive...
  13. prettyherb

    Sorted Seizure- Bear City (new dreamy liquid tune)

    Hey Guys! Just put a new track online. Some dreamy liquid with alan watts samples.. :) Feedback always welcome. It's a free download also! Enjoy!
  14. JLBsot

    DnB My First DnB Track

    Hi guys, I'm a newcomer to this forum, I've been producing garage/grime/bass for about 6 years now but have recently decided to try my hand at DnB. Here is my first DnB tune, Survive. Would like to know what you think. If you leave any feedback I will check out your tunes and feed back in...
  15. TwistedSenses16

    DnB New track for you guys to check out??

    Hey everyone, Just wanted to see if anyone wanted to check out my newest track, 'The End'. Its a Drum & Bass track I've made and want feedback on, some people say it's pretty good and I've had some good feedback so far, so if anyone wants to check it out, be my guest :D
  16. prettyherb

    Feedback on deep liquid track

    Whoo!! Been ages since i've posted a track here for feedback... Would be nice to know how you are feeling this one. The little vocal in the breakdown i'm still not to keen on, just added it yesterday and it needs some more finetuning. Yo Ruben
  17. Daxzthemax

    DnB New track: Cheese (Original Mix) Feedback?

    Hey guys. Released this track the other day, and looking for some feedback. What do you think?
  18. Daxzthemax

    DnB is life

    Hello. I'm producer from the US. I mostly do EDM right now (I love drumandbass/neurofunk) but I'll do whatever. I also write music for several other genres and play guitar. I'm fairly new to producing but I think I have a nak for it. I use FL Studio. Hopefully you guys can give me some feedback...
  19. Altudio

    Asking for feedback on Drumstep/Drum and Bass track

    Hey guys, this is my last production. I've been producting for 4 years now. I'd like to know if i'm going to the right direction and what are my mistakes. If you took the time to listen to this track entirely i hope you enjoyed it and i would be very glad to read your feedback, feel free to...
  20. A

    Looking for feedback on recent production

    been trying to get some feedback on this track, thanks :)
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