Asking for feedback on Drumstep/Drum and Bass track


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What other music do you make if you make other styles and what music do you listen to? (headphone listening) So ill start on the drums, i like the percussion and rides, but im not digging the snare to much, you wouldnt need too much of a tail on it as youve got lots of other parts filling that space but maybe a little longer, the stuff i make now i really like a lot of movement and pump in the drums, i sidechain a lot of breaks rides everything to the kick and snare via a trigger channel, ill have up to 4 trigger channels giving me different movements, like a kick channel, kick and snare, 4x4, and stuff for bass... if you dont do anything like that maybe have a play using stuff like that? Its helped my drum creating. So the bass and sound design is okay, its a catchy tune very detective movie style. But id i like a bit more variation, transition stuff. The idea of the track is good! Keep it up mate


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I mostly make drum & bass, but i also like to make ambient music and i started making psytrance recently.
I can't make real dnb thought because i can't manage to end up with a decent neurofunk bass on my synth plugin.
I listen to most subgenres of dnb, drumstep, dubstep, edm, progressive psytrance and psychedelic ambient.
I worked a lot on the drums for this track (well, same goes for most of my tracks). I didnt really made a drum and bass drum break though, because i simply took the "drumstep" break and rearranged it to have a drum & bass rythm, so i guess it diminishes the quality of the dnb drums and the overall interest of the track.
I didnt really understand what you adviced me about the drums, because i don't really speak english very well, especially when it comes to technical stuff.
Did you suggest me to shorten the snare and to work on a sidechain for the hihats and rides ? Well that's what i understood anyways. Those seem like smart suggestions.
I made the snare quiet long though to obtain a more drumstep-sounding drum.
During production, i was really surprised by the continuity of the track even so i didnt worked on the transitions yet. I was probably wrong not to consider working on this aspect of the track. I think it must be the case on most of my other tracks too.
I'm interested on what do you mean by detective movie style though, i didn't really sense a detective movie athmosphere on this track haha.
Thanks for the feedback mate, i really appreciate it.

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I happen to like the snare although feel it could do with a small boost in the higher frequencies. overall not a bad sound, maybe a bit too clinical, could do with a bit of grit to dirty it up a little, right now its all a bit nicely nicely.I prefer my drum and bass to make me feel nasty, like im gonna take a shit on a nuns chest or somethin!