1. Amusement Audio


    Juno Purchase Link: http://www.junodownload.com/products/too-greezey-side-splitter-now-what/3142742-02/ Artist: Too Greezey Track titles: Side Splitter / Now What? Release date: 18th July 2016 Catalogue number: AMUSE004 Amusement Audio is back for its fourth instalment. This time we are...
  2. NuVentureRecord

    Toez - Cracker // Monkeys & Typewriters [NVR028: OUT NOW!]

    ► Toez - Cracker // Monkeys & Typewriters [NVR028: OUT NOW!] ◄ ● 2 x Smooth, Chilled & Vocal Liquid DnB | Listen: bit.ly/028SC ● → Buy Links: [Bandcamp] bit.ly/028BC (*£1.75* + FREE Track & Mix!) [Beatport] bit.ly/028BP (*£2.60*) [iTunes] bit.ly/028iT (*£1.98*) [Juno] bit.ly/028Juno (*£1.91*)...
  3. Forman Empire

    Forman Empire - New Single: These Days Keep Coming

    Forman Empire releases reach double digits with this new single; These Days Keep Coming. We are really excited about this release as it feels like a landmark in more ways than one. Essentially born out of that continual feeling that life wont just F*ck Off and leave you alone :) Available...
  4. NuVentureRecord

    Nu Venture Records Presents: SND [NVR027: OUT NOW!]

    ► Nu Venture Records Presents: SND [NVR027: OUT NOW!] ◄ ● 5 x Deep, Minimal, Vocal & Liquid DnB | Listen: bit.ly/027SC ● → Buy Links: [Bandcamp] bit.ly/027BC (*£2.95* + 2 FREE Tracks & Mix!) [Beatport] bit.ly/027BP (*£5.70*) [iTunes] bit.ly/027iT (*£3.99*) [Juno] bit.ly/027Juno (*£3.74*)...
  5. D-Func

    D-Func - Through The Vibe (Liquid D&B Mix)

    D-Func - Through The Vibe Liquid D&B Mix - Summer 2016: http://www.mixcloud.com/fluidmotion/d-func-through-the-vibe/ http://www.mixcloud.com/fluidmotion/
  6. L

    D&B nights in South England

    Hi All - Can anybody link me to any D&B nights going on in Southampton, Bournemouth, Portsmouth, Brighton etc this weekend? I'm going to be in Southampton for my birthday on Friday but need a good night to go to! I don't know any of the clubs down there.. Also - why isn't there a website...
  7. NuVentureRecord

    mSdoS - Provision // Sublimit - Cosmic Space [NVR026: OUT NOW!]

    ► mSdoS - Provision // Sublimit - Cosmic Space [NVR026: OUT NOW!] ◄ ● 2 x Heavy, Tech, Jungle DnB | Listen: www.bit.ly/026SC ● → Buy Links: [Bandcamp] bit.ly/026BC (*£1.75* + FREE Dexcell Track & Mix!) [Beatport] bit.ly/026BP (*£2.60*) [iTunes] bit.ly/026iT (*£1.98*) [Juno] bit.ly/026Juno...
  8. Code

    Subtle Audio 'A Decade In Breakbeat' 3x12" + CD

    Feels like a long time now since I was posting on this forum about starting a label called 'Subtle Audio' ---> https://dnbforum.com/threads/new-label-subtle-audio-audio-clips-online-now.10093/ ... wasn't sure at time if it would even get off the ground or how it would all pan out but here we...
  9. NotioN

    OUT NOW (Full release) : Wilf Hertz (Clear Conceptions 27) [CRCS27].

    Hey all, hope all's well. OUT NOW (Full release today in all online shops). Wilf Hertz (Clear Conceptions 27) [CRCS27]. Wilf Hertz - 'Dread kingdom'. Wilf Hertz - 'Stepping stone'. Click the pic: Buy links: Beatport : http://btprt.dj/1UtKJAr Juno Download : http://bit.ly/24tjbRg Digital...
  10. NuVentureRecord

    Duoscience - Intent // Indifferences [NVR025: OUT NOW!]

    ► Duoscience - Intent // Indifferences [NVR025: OUT NOW!] ◄ ● 2 x Deep & Jungle DnB! | Listen here: www.bit.ly/025SC ● → Buy Links: [Bandcamp] bit.ly/025BC (*£1.75* + FREE Dexcell Track & Mix!) [Beatport] bit.ly/025BP (*£2.60*) [iTunes] bit.ly/025iT (*£1.98*) [Juno] bit.ly/025Juno (*£1.91*)...
  11. A

    DnB Pulse - 87 [Liquid D&B] feedback needed

    Hey D&B forum I've made a nice liquid DnB track on which I need some feedback. The idea was to have a crisp track to let your mind wander. Something like a roadtrip in a cold place. It isn't particularly attention-grabbing but rather something nice for in the background. I'd love to hear...
  12. djfattrip

    DnB djFATtrip - Keep On

    Hello Peeps!! I'm a long time lurker and I'm still learning the game but, I thought id put up a new tune to get some feedback on them. Hope you enjoy!
  13. NotioN

    NotioN - 'If I could I would' / 'élan' [Full release in shops today].

    OUT NOW (Full release today in all online shops). NotioN (Clear Conceptions 26) [CRCS26]. NotioN - 'If I could, I would'. NotioN - 'élan'. Click the pic: Buy links: Beatport : http://btprt.dj/1VTZ4vD Juno Download : http://bit.ly/1pxNOH9 Digital Tunes : http://bit.ly/1VxlAdO BandCamp ...
  14. NuVentureRecord

    ► Tremah - Webs // Encounter [NVR022: OUT NOW!] ◄

    ► Tremah - Webs // Encounter [NVR022: OUT NOW!] ◄ ● 2 x Deep Liquid DnB! | Listen here: bit.ly/022SC ● → Buy Links: [Bandcamp] bit.ly/022BC (*£1.65* + FREE TRACK & MIX!) [Beatport] bit.ly/022BP (*£2.60*) [iTunes] bit.ly/022iT (*£1.98*) [Juno] bit.ly/022Juno (*£1.91*) [TrackItDown]...
  15. NuVentureRecord

    ► Quadrify: 4 Years of Nu Venture Records [NVR021: OUT NOW! 39 Tracks ONLY £6.49! ◄

    ► Quadrify: 4 Years of Nu Venture Records EDM [NVR021: OUT NOW!]◄ ● 39 Tracks ONLY £6.49! Drum & Bass / Dubstep / Future Garage! ● → Buy Links: [Bandcamp] bit.ly/021BC (*£6.49 + RELEASE MIX*) [Beatport] bit.ly/021BP (*£15.56*) [iTunes] bit.ly/021iT (*£7.99*) [Juno] bit.ly/021Juno (*£9.16*)...
  16. daveyberkowitz

    Vocal dnb remix

    Felt like doing something that had some vocals last weekend so i let the cheesiness flow through me and slapped this one together :razz: for the sing along crew ! :p

    Addictive Behaviour Podcast 010 with EastColors & Nami

    The latest Addictive Behaviour Podcast is now up on Soundcloud. Podcast 010 features mixes from EastColors & Nami.ongaku. Enjoy, share and download!
  18. daveyberkowitz

    Double D's & Rugburned Knees

    So its that time of year again, been meaning to do one of these for a while and keep putting it off. Hit record on this one the other day tho.. tried to give a good feel of what I've been playing for peak time slots over the past few months . Starts out on a jungley vibe and gets heavier from...
  19. NotioN

    NotioN - 'Marigold' [Free download].

    Hey all, hope all's well. Here's a free track to download in promotion for our next 'Clear Conceptions' label release. Click the pic: Hope you enjoy. NotioN (Clear Conceptions).
  20. HelloJay

    DnB HelloJay — 1995-1997 60min D&B Mix

    Almost 20 years on since the majority of these tracks saw the light of day, I decided it was time to compile a mix that encompasses just a few of my personal favourite drum&bass records that were released during 1995 – 1997. As the title suggests, the mix ebb and flows throughout both sides of...
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