Subtle Audio 'A Decade In Breakbeat' 3x12" + CD


Nov 23, 2003
Limerick, Ireland
Feels like a long time now since I was posting on this forum about starting a label called 'Subtle Audio' --->
... wasn't sure at time if it would even get off the ground or how it would all pan out but here we are over 10 years later celebrating 'A Decade In Breakbeat' !

Big thanks to all the people that have supported us over the years ;)
And a big thank you to all the artists and people that have helped out with websites, artwork, distribution etc

As I mentioned we're celebrating a decade in the game (actually 11 years at this stage, but a decade sounds nicer!) so we've put together a special compilation release to mark the occasion. It's available to pre-order right now from :
Shipping date is expect to be July 1st - we already have the vinyl in stock and are just waiting on the delivery of the CD.

You can order the Vinyl and CD versions seperately OR if you order the BUNDLE PACK, you get the 3x12" Vinyl, Digipak CD + 4 Bonus Downloads at a discounted price ---> https://www.subtleaudiorecordings.c...t-bundle-3x12-vinyl-cd-bonus-download-poster/


'A Decade In Breakbeat' 3x12" Vinyl + Poster:: SUBTLE001LP

Plate 1
Nebula - Noir
Dub One - Speechless

Plate 2
Alpha Omega - Know How (Aroma Nice & Earl Grey Remix)
Mecca - Analysis

Plate 3
NCQL - Breath Of The Eve
Reactiv - Metatron Falls

'A Decade In Breakbeat'
Digipak CD + Poster :: SUBTLE007CD

1. Nic TVG - Sitting In The Crosswalk (Enjoy Remix)
2. Dissident - Overself Archipelago
3. Speak - Stone Giants
4. Kyam - NOLA
5. Ornette Hawkins - Jazz Police
6. Polska - Burning Sun (Reborn Vocal Remix)
7. Enjoy - The Crook VIP
8. NCQL - Nocturnalist
9. Relapse - Break Through
10. Scale - Glass Eye
11. Maledicent - Perantique
12. Mecca - Solar Ice
13. Psycho Mantis - You Do Not Want To Go There

'A Decade In Breakbeat' Bonus Downloads :: SUBTLEB006

1. Alpha Omega – Know How (Aroma Nice 150bpm Acid Mix)
2. Alpha Omega – Know How (Aroma Nice 130bpm Live Jam)
3. NCQL – Majestic Pronghorn Antelope
4. Polska – Burning Sun (Nikolay Sunak Remix)

Audio clips for all tracks + artwork previews are available on the Subtle Audio site ;)

3x12" Vinyl ---> https://www.subtleaudiorecordings.c...2-vinyl-poster-subtle001lp-july-1st-shipping/

Digipak CD ---> https://www.subtleaudiorecordings.c...e-in-breakbeat-subtle007cd-july-1st-shipping/

BUNDLE PACK ---> https://www.subtleaudiorecordings.c...t-bundle-3x12-vinyl-cd-bonus-download-poster/

Also shipping on July 1st, we have (for the first time) Subtle Audio slipmats --->

Some of you might also be interested to hear that we got a delivery of Bassbin back-catalog release recently from Rohan which are now available on the Subtle Audio site, check the available titles here --->



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Oct 11, 2011
Hell of an album, that Mecca tune is absolute fire, and that NCQL tune blows my mind every time I hear it out. Presume the other tunes on the 3 x 12" (How I have missed 3 x 12" LP releases!) are every bit as solid and good.


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Oct 11, 2011
Also - anyone who is short a few Bassbin releases should definitely check that back stock out - as far as I am aware those are the very last of the very last records left in the old stockroom.
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