Sep 17, 2011
So its that time of year again, been meaning to do one of these for a while and keep putting it off. Hit record on this one the other day tho.. tried to give a good feel of what I've been playing for peak time slots over the past few months . Starts out on a jungley vibe and gets heavier from there on in . Enjoy ;)

Tracks :
Artikal Junglist - 6 Blocc
Cause And Effect - Critycal Dub
Easton - Trex
Sun Bomber (K Jah remix) - Kumarachi
Ruffneck Soundboy - The Force
Ganja Dadda (Marcus Visionary remix) - Subtifuge Feat Mr Williamz
Into The Fire (feat Dna) - Bladerunner
It's Serious - DJ Hybrid
The Prophet - Silent Storm
Badness (Marcus Visionary Tear Out mix) - Cutty Ranks
Nocturnal Confusion (DJ Hybrid remix) - Gold Dubs
Suck Out - Voltage
Dangerous - Jam Thieves
Dem Get Buried - Damage Report
Roald Dahl - Turno
Bangin - Dez
Dreadlocks - L Side
Pogo Stick - Damage Report
The Ghetto - Jam Thieves
Novation - Dj Guv
Pipes - Simula
Steppers - Dj Guv
You Might Hurt Him - Voltage
Domestic Problems - Shield
Backscratcher - Majistrate
Dead City - Sub Killaz
Smokin Blunts - Natural Error
Spectate - Aliman
Rumble (feat Lok I) - Natural Error
97 Track - Annix
Bounty Killah - Turno & Dominator
Carnage - Majistrate
Dean Martin - Jayline
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