► Tremah - Webs // Encounter [NVR022: OUT NOW!] ◄


DnB/Dubstep Record Label!

► Tremah - Webs // Encounter [NVR022: OUT NOW!] ◄
● 2 x Deep Liquid DnB! | Listen here:

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NVR022: Tremah - Webs // Encounter, is OUT NOW & available to purchase from all good download stores. Including; Beatport, iTunes, Bandcamp, Juno, TrackItDown, Amazon, Google Play & more. Also available on streaming services; Spotify, Google Play, Apple Music, Beatport and more. Go to the NVR Bandcamp page to get this release + FREE BONUS track and Release Mix for ONLY £1.65! Our full back catalogue is also available up to 60% cheaper than Beatport, iTunes & all other stores! (www.nuventurerecords.bandcamp.com)

► Tremah - Webs [NVR022: OUT NOW!]:

► Tremah - Encounter [NVR022: OUT NOW!]:

► Tremah - Webs // Encounter: Release Mix [NVR022: OUT NOW!]:

► NVR022 Track listing:
(A) Tremah - Webs
(B) Tremah - Encounter​

For NVR022 Nu Venture Records records welcome back Austrailian producer Tremah for an official catalogue release having previously featured on a free to download EP back in 2011, with his track Everyone. Having since developed his skills and progressed his signature sound Tremah presents us with seriously impressive deep 2 track release, Webs // Encounter.

(A) Tremah - Webs:
Opening this masterful release from Tremah, is Webs, a Deep Liquid Drum & Bass track with a contrasting high tempo yet relaxing and ambient vibe. Tremah achieves this through the use of crisp but commanding drums, a warm and soothing bassline and addictive distant vocals to complete this smooth liquid roller.

(B) Tremah - Encounter:
Tremah continues the deep Liquid Drum & Bass theme with his second skilled production, Encounter. Differing from the release opener this is a Jungle inspired Liquid track featuring old school and atmospheric pads alongside some sinister synth work. All expertly combined with sharp and polished punchy drums, a dominating expansive bassline and faint percussion to round of this highly skilled release.

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