1. A

    DnB [Drum & Bass/Jungle] No Shortcuts - A DnB Mix Series (Volume Two)

    COVER ART: LINK: No Shortcuts - A DnB Mix Series (Volume Two) MIXED BY: MAKIVELLA GENRE: UK - Jungle - DnB - Deep - Heavy - Dark - Halftime - Vibes AUDIO QUALITY: WAV TRACKLISTING: 1. 2Monk - Make Some Action 2. Pablo Dread - On My Way 3. Revaux - Projections (Revaux Remix) 4. Battery -...
  2. A

    DnB Check out my music (dark/noise/psy dnb)!

    Thank you!
  3. muziklova09

    DnB Phobik - Future Joy Podcast Guest Mix Set - 05-11-2019

    Guest mix set of jungle / drum & bass music for Future Joy podcast...Enjoy! Download Link: Phobik-FJPGMDwnLoad Play / Stream: Phobik-FJPGM-Mixcloud Track listing: 01-Link & Miss Guided - Temperatures Rising [DUBPLATE!] 02-Debarge - I Like It [Link & Miss Guided's DNB Booty] [DUBPLATE!]...
  4. Hkay

    DnB Hkay - Therapy Sessions Mix [OCTOBER 2018]

    01 // Merikan & Mean Teeth - Disclosure [Neurofunk Grid Recordings] 02 // Hkay - ID [Unreleased] 03 // AXI - Spiderweb [Mindtech] 04 // Kove - Tonight [Drum & Bass Arena] 05 // Voltaile Cycle & Barbarix - G'Out [C4C Limited] 06 // Zombie Cats - World Ends [Eatbrain] 07 // Merikan - Hells Fury...
  5. K

    Unbidden Audio (Kyam Imprint - dark / tribal / jungle / experimental etc)

    Hi all. I've recently set up an imprint (Unbidden Audio) - focus on dark / experimental / tribal / breaks. The first release (my Underside LP) was released yesterday. If anyone wants to check it, full stream / CD / download is now up at bandcamp: https://unbiddenaudio.bandcamp.com/releases...
  6. Dr Woe

    DnB KEEP DA BASS ROLLIN` vol 1 - Dr Woe

    The first episode of the "Keep Da Bass Rollin´" podcast is online now: vol 1 - 100% vinyl mixed by Dr Woe, enjoy with bass! Dr Woe links: SoundCloud: @dr-woe Facebook: www.facebook.com/drwoe Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/woe84 Twitter: twitter.com/DrWoe84 Keep Da Bass Rollin´ links...
  7. J

    Twisted Perspective [feat. RAPKID] - DARK BEAT (hip hop, electronic, UK bass)

    This is a pre-mixed version and lyrics might end up being changed a lot. But any feedback on the tune so far is welcome. Cheers.
  8. Monogone

    Monogone - Tripped

    Hey, let me know how it sounds. What I have to change to improve this. I'm very curious. https://www.dropbox.com/s/1190qlvq7zrfrj3/Monogone%20-%20Tripped.wav?dl=0 Leave some feedback - it helps!
  9. Ravingreligion

    Purcey - The Raving Religion Podcast 39

    In line with the current UK weather, we’ve got an ice-cold mix from our latest resident Purcey for your listening pleasure. Making his podcast debut in style, he’s drawn for an underground and highly intelligent selection of pounding 4/4 beats, ranging from house to techno, seamlessly mixed and...
  10. Altered Terrane

    Do you like Predator (1987) and heavy bass?

    Hey bassfiends, after about a two month break thanks to our production gear being stolen, we finally back with this track. Have really tried to step up my sound design and mastering skills, and put more effort, time and embellishments into this than any other track I've made. Would love to hear...
  11. Ravingreligion

    Polluterz (IT) - The Raving Religion Podcast 38

    We’re starting 2018’s mixes the way we mean to go on with an industrial sub laden podcast fit for any warehouse or dark room, brought to you by the emerging prospect Polluterz from Foggia, Italy by way of Bologna. His mix features his well received collaboration “Love Time” with longtime partner...
  12. DeeGun

    Counterstrike - Worldwide Darkside Podcast (1/2009)

    Tracklist: Forbidden Society - Facing Extinction (Current Value Remix) [ALGORYTHM] Nphonix - Sever [ALGORYTHM] Counterstrike & Cooh - Computer Control [CS] Counterstrike & Forbidden Society - Extreme [CS] Counterstrike & Hidden - Vivid Reality [CS] Counterstrike & Silent Killer - Purify...
  13. DeeGun

    Hardcore Counterstrike - Homegrown 004 (Homegrown 10th Birthday 9/2010)

    Counterstrike ft Tasha Baxter - Questions (Allied Recordings) Counterstrike ft Tasha Baxter - Candy Flip (Invader Recodings) Counterstrike - Synergy (Cell Recodings) Counterstrike - Existenz (Invader Recodings) Counterstrike - Doom Prophet (Core Recodings) Counterstrike - Metal Gear (Leet...
  14. DeeGun

    Eye D. & Counterstrike @ PRSPCT VS. NO MERCY, 22.12.2017, Cross Club Prague

    https://dnbshare.com/download/Eye-D_-_No_Mercy_vs._PRSPCT.mp3.html https://dnbshare.com/download/Counterstrike_-_No_Mercy_vs._PRSPCT.mp3.html
  15. DeeGun

    Hardcore Donny @ Therapy Sessions, London - 17.12.2008

    Limewax & Panacea - Operation X (VIP) [POSITION CHROME] Donny & Audio - Horribly Ribbed [BARCODE] Current Value - Therapist (VIP) [GUERILLA] Lucio De Rimanez - Nembutal [BARCODE] Current Value - Warship [BARCODE] Donny & Counterstrike - The watchers [BARCODE] Donny & Current Value - Drill (Eye-D...
  16. eastformsdnb

    DnB The Deep Down Episode 001 by Keshigomu // EAST FORMS Drum&Bass

    Mixcloud HearThisAt https://hearthis.at/eastformsdnb/the-deep-down-01-by-keshigomu/ Telegram https://t.me/eastformsdnb Tracklist: The Untouchables - Blackout [Samurai Music] Skeptical - Imperial [Exit Records] Red Army, Clima - Afterlife [Turbine Music] Heavy1 - Everywhere [Rubik...
  17. DeeGun

    Josh-Hill - Interstellar Transmission @ jungletrain.net (28-10-2017)

  18. eastformsdnb

    DnB Archaic Beats 03 by Sepungski // EAST FORMS Drum&Bass

    HearThisAt https://hearthis.at/eastformsdnb/archaic-beats-003/ Mixcloud Journey through time from modern sound experiments to classic rhythms - Archaic Beats Show by Sepungski, Episode 03, tune in for new episodes on the third Friday of every other month via HearThisAt, MixCloud, iTunes...
  19. D

    DnB free neuro track

  20. Ravingreligion

    DnB Mark Dinimal (Data 3) podcast #36

    TRACKLIST UP ASAP All you ravers who are off to Outlook this week we've got an ideal warm up mix for you, packed full of dubs and impressively mixed by Data 3's Mark Dinimal. As his name suggests, Mark's sound is slightly darker and more minimalistic than his weighty dancefloor orientated...