what to use for 128kbit quality


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Oct 27, 2003
adelaide, australia
i was wondering what i should use to improve the quality of my tune. it is 32kbit and i want it to 128kbit, any sugestions of what to use or how i should go about doing this
jay walker said:
EZ Jaise,
Surely if you can encode in from whatever package you made you finished tune in?
CDex uses the Lame codec though, best one available, or was..
freeagent said:
Cdex is the best, I've compared it to many others including Fraunhoffer, Soundforge, Wavelab, Cool Edit - no contest!

the fraunhoffer codec is technically far superior to the lame codec (they invented the mp3 format). BTW both soundforge and wavelab also use the LAME codec, so you wont see any difference in quality between those and CDEX (y)
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