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  • easy there pal,
    Can't seem to PM you for some reason,

    I saw on dnb forum that you are able to get through a back door to a server to get dnb sets, is this correct?

    been trying to search for westfest 2007 sets and can't find them anymore, will they be on this server I hear you can access?

    Kind regards
    i've tried submitting a youtube link several times as a post and it keeps telling me to wait for mod approval but this was last week. any advice would be great! sorry if you're not the right person that i should be asking. feel free to point me in the right direction :D
    Hey stu, theres a new podcast literally upped a few hours ago in general, could you put a link up on the face book account you made? spread the love

    Everytime I see your name pop up I dont see sdm, I see Shadow Demon Man

    strange but true
    I love this forum and I´d like to host material like this on my server.

    Can you please tell me how to get the music to build up a live forum. I'd just be the space provider on the 24-7 DnB server.

    You fill my space with some good culture. There is about 10 GB left, but I'm talking about a true backed up and always running server with full data integrity.

    Please send me a PM if you have an idea and some good material. (I'm thinking of designing a forum-style-site and you'd me my CO-OP)

    oy mate, there's some of us on here who need a bit of info on the reputation... (you can find a thread about it by Spliff in the feedback section)
    Sometimes we get rep that doesn't add or lower rep points. Even though that's no longer possible with the new lay out.
    Also, 'pass the rep around before you give it again to this user' takes ages.
    Thinking there's something gone wrong here...

    Oh, and what's possible within the social groups? Like having groups working the same way as threads (subscription), and giving group mod's the power to delete topics (not just soft delete)...

    Sorry for jumpin on you like this mate, just got to seize the opportunity, it can take some time before you come on here again.

    Cheers (y)
    plez help could people send me one nation valentine darren jay + mampi 98 set and telepathy andy c set 97, also any eksman sets. need them on megaupload.. plez help peeps want best mc sets going. cheers
    yo sdm, is there any chance you could take a look at my thread in the production forum? im having trouble in fruity and being as you used to/still use fruity i thought you may know whats up....cheers
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