Video posting other than youtube


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Aug 19, 2008
post what u want onto youtube...then put the link on here

Youtube has a quality limit tho. And it can't be over 10 minutes long. that could prove a problem.

but probably not. well, I leave the thread up to see if anyone has a solution but, it's not a biggie.


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Dec 19, 2008
Here's a place where you can post your videos...and you can actually get something in return! .

It has over a dozen channels and currently about 300 videos, and growing!

If you upload just 5 videos you get an entry to win a lottery for a brand new Seagate Free Agent GO drive, beats buying it for $199 US. Other things you can win are a Lottery for any product on ($200 US value), a $50 Itunes gift card or even 1 year of mavric media digital content database premium account for free (normally costs $1100 US). More entries, more chances.

You guys should try it out.
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