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Nov 6, 2003
Maidstone, Kent
I'm curious what tunes you lot think didn't get the praise and support they deserved. Personally i think eskobar & lemon d's 'what bass' was a lot better than most a-list dj's realised.
There's some old Hazard ones, Like "Radius" "Graphite" "Change my life"
John Rolodex's Dragon EP
Twisted Individual - Light Years remix
Shitloads of Sappo's stuff,
Devize & 3A's First load of releases

A lot goes unnoticed but it's good when it's a shit week as you can still drop these tunes without anyone knowing they're not the newest stuff.
If you only buy the big tunes if you get a dry week you have to drop played out tracks. Underrated tunes stay fresh for longer!
Stakka & Skynet - So Confused :spliff:
Black Sun Empire - Stone Faces
A Sides - What you Dont Know
Axis Of Evil - Dark Alley
Most of Calibre's old stuff
Concord Dawn - Bitch Killer o_O
Pendululm - Toxic Shock :devilslay
Standby said:
subconscious by hazard

You know this! Also...

'Ras 78' - Digital
'Analogue Vision' - Dagga
'Second Nature' - Baron
'No Soul' - High Contrast rmx
'Deltaras' - Loxy & Ink :lighter:
'Metal Gear' - Footmasters
'Exit' - Mindmachine
'Casualties of War' - Mindmachine
'Bad Dreams' - Facs
'Gush' - Sta & Paul B

the list is endless!
Dkay & Epsilon - Where we Stand
Mathmatics - Fantasy
Tronik 100 - Nightfever EP (all the tracks in this ep are dope as fuck)
Sappo - Inside Out
Cyantific - Neon Skyline
Hatiras - Intergalactic Luv (Total Science relick)
Ram Trilogy - Evolution (MIST relick)
Twisted Individual - Pony Pleasure
Teebee - Forever Lost
Teebee - Two Faced
Rantoul - Defalt
'Bad Dreams' is a killer, that whole EP was rarely heard enough ..

'Street Biz" by Digitial springs to mind
Off dee top o’ me bonce....

FIREBALL - Audio & Mackie
DEFLECTOR - Temper D & K-Fire
PROJECT MAYHEM - Temper D & K-Fire
SQUID - Nightwalker
MUTATIONZ - Rock Hard Remix
LIFE - Bad Ace Inc.
Top Flight Security VIP - SDM & Triple M

All get my seal of approval :thumbsup:
hmmmmm this got me a thinkin!!!!

i reckon that anything total sciance release is always underated , its mad when you got dillinja smashing it at the mo and get too much praise that you have the total sci boys gettin subdued praise when they are the dogs bollox!!! its mad!!

i reckon aslo that all zens tunes were wiikid too as was hazards but he got nuff praise.

but the most underated tune was the one i made called mnmnmnmnmn that was cool!
another one for me is ram trilogy - scanners. it reminds me of a cross between the nine and moving fusion's 'sex drive'. and sex drive too! that was also a TUNE!
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