Skeptical - Outset EP (EXIT062)

The Watcha

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Nice couple of spots again Evizon! :) Liking this release but not sure weather more than the Imperial EP just yet. Will probably grow on me more when it's in the stack. Loophole is sweet and Between The Lines sounds wicked from that Sun and Bass vid :) Parallax sounds a bit like Dub Concept and doesn't grab me as much as the other 3. And kinda thought that Just One Kiss would be on there as it was in that new Ivy Lab mix, also it has a bit of a Step Toe vibe to me which is cool. I like the fact that these are all new bits that haven't been ID'ed anywhere until recently too.

Still have to say that he has to have an LP's worth of material to put out by now. Exit have to be holding onto Explode The Myth and Bad Acid. Also interested to see what crops up on his 31 Recs EP whenever that sees the light of day


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He also has a 31 rec EP coming? I've also heard there is a Skeppy headz ep somewhere too.... Busy man that is!
But as you said, that guy prob has more that enough tunes to fill all those releases