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  • holy lord man, that is one SICK tune!!! really impressed, and really glad to have you onboard with the remix compo in general but the production forum community in particular. awesome tune man.
    please do, big man! cant wait for your entry, in fact, do you have some curent shit online i can lisen to?
    sorry buddy, no adding your own samples, except for recorded vocals of any kind. also, considering you can resample any way you like, you should be able to synthesize new drum hits, with a little trickery. ive clarified the rules a little in the thread, i hope that makes things easier to understand, as my first post was fucking drunken idiot jibberish nonsense.

    ask anything you want on my profile or in the thread if you are wondering about something,

    really hope we can expect an entry from you, would be great to have you aboard.cheers, karl
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