1. DeeGun

    dBridge Promo Mix: Exit Records @ Electric, Brixton 9th March 2018

  2. DeeGun

    DnB Exit Festival 2017 (Novi Sad, Serbia)

    Black Sun Empire https://dnbshare.com/download/Black_Sun_Empire_-_Live_Exit_Festival_2017_Novi_Sad_Serbia_-_2017.mp3.html Foreign Beggars https://dnbshare.com/download/Foreign_Beggars_-_Live_Exit_Festival_2017_Novi_Sad_Serbia_-_2017.mp3.html Noisia...
  3. Bare Grillz

    DnB Feedback on my new half step tune!

    Made a simply half step tune, in the Exit/Skeptical kind of area, would appreciate feedback and some suggestions on how to maybe improve it, both mix down & general additions! cheers
  4. Dubdamain

    For Home (Lounge) Use Only

    Fruit and Water Mark System Self Portrait Need for Mirrors Mistical Dub Mist:i:cal Dreamz Dub Calibre Glow Kimyan Law Rise n Fall Dbridge Rmx Machinedrum False Positive Module Eight Lie to me Seba, Paradox, Manos Straight Lines Naibu Meltdown Module Eight Return to Swerve Scar
  5. E

    Fracture x Kid Drama - Pleasure District 005

    Fracture / Fracture x Kid Drama - Remember The Time / Tell Me How (feat. Lucie LaMode) So glad this is finally getting a release. Been waiting on these tunes ever since I heard them in the Heart Drive podcasts :) Pleasure District 005 will be released on the 4th of December. Audio previews HERE
  6. E

    Skeptical - Outset EP (EXIT062)

    FINALLY we get some more info on this release! Skeptical's new EP on Exit is being released on the 18th of December. So hype for this :D 1. Loophole 2. Parallax 3. Between The Lines (feat. Collette Warren) 4. Just One Kiss Preview the EP HERE
  7. Ackroyd

    [Dark & Minimal] Ackroyd - FZKS sciencesession Promo Mix

    This is my promo mix for a night coming up in December, Birmingham. Expect to hear a good amount of Metalheadz, stripped down tunes and rollers. Contact me if you're into making/mixing this sort of thing, always good to make links. Also contact for any I.Ds.
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