DnB Rowbird - Reaching out

I would export this entire file to .wav then import to Cubase of another DAW. Then, cut it up, stack big tight thick drums on top and listen to some other arrangements for inspiration. Give it some more structure. Hope this helps! Peace-
Like the general vibe but the drums seem a bit cluttered, saying that Youtube doesn't do you any favours in terms of sound clarity.

Use EQ to isolate the important frequencies for each drum, ie mid for snare, low for kick and high for hat. Don't cut the rest completely but it will make room for the other elements to punch through.
Thanks a lot guys, the beat is basically 3 different drumloops converted to a .wav and then chopped up with the slicer in flstudio.

i should defenatly toy more with the EQ and split up each instrument into a different channel, now im using just 1 loop so i think its pretty hard to EQ each different hat / kick / snare
See man? You're already on the right track! Just keep going, and don't be afraid to use that original track as kinda like a background of a painting.. yea? Try "painting" your new definitive stack sounds on top of what you already have. Maybe compress the new sounds and raise them a db higher than the rest. Anyway, cool track man, and have fun with it! Peace-
thanks, i am still struggeling to find and use the right beats/loops to use for this style of music. any tips on how to make nice liquid dnb beats? my current one doesnt really sound smooth
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