Renegade master (Frat remix)

dj cluster

Jan 12, 2010
Is sure better than beautyful people :D Really like vocals... Maybe the synt in the intro is too "standard".... I like first drop, but main synt is too low, i would prefer it more "fat"; Imo, Kick have to be more puncy...
However with a little bit of work is a good project, keep us informed!


VIP Junglist
Nov 16, 2008
alright man.
i dnt think the synth works too well on the intro, would maybe be better with jsut some pads or something, so theres more of an impact when it drops, cos the actual synth on the dorp is lighter than the one before i u get me, kick could be bought up a bit more. i like when u change the bassline with more sounds in rather than the whistling synth"!

Jolly Jumpa

Dj Synergex
Dec 24, 2007
Wicked feel to it man. Bass makes the tune a wrecka, the vocals are a nice touch as well.
The cymbal is way off when starting the tune and leading up to the second drop.
Overall, the tunes sick.
Keep it up mate,
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