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    cool cool m8 glad to hear your gettin back on track...sorry to hear about you and the mrs but it happens to us all, just gotta use this time to do everything you couldnt while you were shacked up na'mean.lemme know about the tunes m8 although i still dont think your gonna top 140 shotta in my eyes haha that is a biiiig tune...ez
    ez bro did u go to uni or college to get qaulified for that shit then??

    thats a handsome pay cheque if ever i saw 1.
    dunno if you got that link the other day bout the simon bassline smith pack or wether your interested but the link is dead now either way av got it rolling if you want it i can either send it in the post or you'll have to briefly explain how to upload it somewhere so you can suck it off the web.

    lemme know mate
    ez m8 aint seen u about in a while, u good?
    Finally got the nu tone pack. thort i had it then the shit dial u signal went pear shaped but got it rolling now thanks mate
    Allrite m8. Safe For Uploading That pack up. Ave u got nemore? I got a couple i could upload for ya if u got ne more. Got the EZ Rollers Dnb Pack - Producer edition, and koncept and funktion - Drum and bass pack. I got the refil version of them too if ur a reason user? i also got a few hip hop packs and other dnb packs ive downloaded. Lemme know bruv. Safe

    yeah mate. just assign the drums their own channel and put the flanger on that channel. sounds like you are putting it on the master channel
    soz m8,

    if i wanted to put a flanger on just the channel/pattern that iv got my drum loop on, is it possible to do that because it seems to be effecting my whole tune,

    any better lol?
    is it possible to put an effect on just 1 channel/pattern whatever u wanna call it?
    ez bruv quick question,

    when iv created a nice drum loop or break

    how do i save it to be used in the future?

    Safe as fuck mate!
    I've just bounced the drums i made into wav and they sound so much better because I concentrated and spent much more time on adjusting the eq and changing the patterns!
    you'll be the first to play it mate. got made this morning. pleased as fuck with it. send you a link in ten mins
    yeh man voice was perfect.... yeh send it over bro.... if i get the chance ill burn them both before i leave
    hahah! you wrote that on your own page man!! haha jokes!

    text us when your locked in bro.... im gonna try and get that tune of your on CD before we go.... not sure if ill have time though.... my CD writer is proper shit.... could probably engrave it by hand quicker! hahaha...
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