PREMIERE: Drum Cypha - Jungle Dub(HORRIFIC012)


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Sep 30, 2012

Worldwide release: 15/03/2019

March 2019 marks 5 years (to the month) since Horrific Recordings first 12” - shipped out to the world back in March 2014! Horrific - the worlds first millennial 'VINYL ONLY' D&B label: hitting with the quality sounds right from the out set with the mighty dDramatic & dBaudio/ HORRIFIC001. Since then the label has gone from strength to strength globally, with huge debut vinyl releases from Voyage (HORRIFIC008), Dissect (HORRIFIC008), Horrific James (HORRIFIC006) all have since gone on to be signed for vinyl releases on other major labels . Huge sellout releases from Digital ( HORRIFIC003) & dRamatic + dBaudio (HORRIFIC004) (hammered by LTJ Bukem & DJ Marky), all part of many magic moments seeing Horrific rise to the top of the vinyl only DJ format. The revival way of life that is becoming ever popular year by year. Without further ado we are proud to tell you about our latest release HORRIFIC012...

With a massive in-depth back catalogue of releases over the years, on some of the scenes most Junglistic D&B label's : SCIENTIFIC WAX: FUNCTION RECORDS : HOLO TYPE AUDIO... DRUM CYPHA needs no introduction. The title says it all; deep 1994-reminiscent vibes of pure Jungle. Dubtronix Birmingham original Junglist style sensations are awakened at its purist Jungle moment; like a Bang-in Tunes BOSE Friday shopping session with Jay Holder on duty...its deep yes !!! Only the original Junglists know the real deal - boom 4real £$%*! Haunting atmospherical intro builds into a dubbed out time-stretched sample 'Babylon'. In drops the neatest shock out amen stepping raw to the core (remember this one) ! JUNGLE DUB 2019s finest on plastic.

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