1. sho

    Drum & Bass Radicall - Touch / Build Me Up (Bungle Remix) - 12" vinyl

    Hi guys We made an exclusive stream yesterday with forthcoming tunes, which we gonna release in next two months. Check it out Link here ABSDIG021 / Digital http://www.absysrec.com/digital.htm 0:10 - 5:58 Physicall illusion & Hidden Element - Primal 6:00 - 11:15 - Physicall illusion &...
  2. K!NET!K

    Drum & Bass Kinetik - Momentum (Ulterior Motive, Break, Survival, S.P.Y.) - All Vinyl

    Had a lot of fun making this one. Fairly high energy, including mostly tunes I picked up within the last year and change, as well as a smattering of some from a bit further back. Sort of a drummy centre, with vibes on either side (you'll see). All vinyl, as per usual. Tracklist is as follows...
  3. InReach

    A Propa Interview with DJ Rap

    World-renowned producer, actress, singer/songwriter and queen of the jungle are just a few of the ways that you might describe the endlessly talented Charissa Saverio aka DJ Rap. From her days playing the graveyard shifts on Fantasy FM to making music alongside the likes of Hans Zimmer and...
  4. dustaudio

    Dust Audio May SALE - 10% off Everything!

    This weekend only you can get 10% off everything at our Dust audio store Go direct to https://goo.gl/gjC6cB Use the code 'maydustsale' at checkout and receive the discount VINYL x DOWNLOADS x MERCH
  5. InReach

    In-Reach Records - Launch Party @ The Nest - 13/07/2018

    In-Reach Records has finally landed and so what better way to showcase a label than to throw a launch party! Yes that's right, we've organised a very special event for this huge milestone in In-Reach.co.uk history... Firstly, we've found a new home - The Nest, it's a banging venue and we're...
  6. DeeGun

    Thumbzo - Back To The Core (25.04.2018)

  7. DeeGun

    Dev/Null B2b Tim Reaper - Blog To The Oldskool @ jungletrain.net - (16.04.2018)

  8. DeeGun

    Randall - Homerecording 1993

  9. muziklova09

    Drum & Bass Phobik - Live! on Pure Truth Radio - Guest Mix

    Drum & Bass / Jungle mix set, recorded live! on Ravers United Mixshow on Pure Truth Radio...Enjoy! Tracklisting: ---------------- 00-Sopheye Intro 01-Layo & Bushwacka - Love Story (Drum & Bass Remix) [White Label - 2003] 02-Aquasky - Blow Your Mind [2003] 03-Voltage & Nicky Blackmarket - Jazz...
  10. DeeGun

    Tripalium Podcast 50 - Coco Bryce

    TRACKLIST : 1. Koda – Spacetek 2. Ed Rush – Bludclot Artattack (Lick 1) 3. Dead Man's Chest – Foundation Days 4. Coco Bryce – My Life 5. Skanna – Find Me 6. 22Tape – Landing (Coco Bryce Remix) 7. Tim Reaper – Lanterns (Dead Man's Chest Remix) 8. Ragu & Stalker – Love Comes N Goes 9. Probe &...
  11. DeeGun

    Coco Bryce - Circus Overdrive 7 @ Undercurrent Amsterdam 14.01.17

    1. Area 39 - Whatever 2. Sully - Solitaire 3. Secret Squirrel - System Booster 4. Coco Bryce - Love Flows 5. Dragon Fly - Smoke It 6. Ol & Yoin - Nails (Noaipre remix) 7. Kid Lib - Sound Move 8. Dead Man's Chest - Unnatural Mystic 9. Tim Reaper - Lanterns (Dead Man's Chest Remix) 10. Coco Bryce...
  12. Ravingreligion

    The Raving Religion Podcast 40 - Noisy Antics

    Stepping up next on mix duties for the 40th instalment of our podcast series is Bristol's Noisy Antics, representing The Ranch and Riganomix collectives. Bringing an aggressive mixing style and a varied tune selection with something for everyone, this active young DJ and aspiring producer is...
  13. DeeGun

    Coco Bryce - AZS Podcast 8

    Tracklist: 1. Urban Jungle - Anything 2. Coco Bryce - Lovin U 3. Sydenham Knights & Tim Reaper - Open Up The Trunk 4. Papa Shanti & Somah - Ardcore Specialist 5. Unknown Artist - Trigger Happy (Volume ??) 6. Lewi Cifer - Heat (Summerfield Mix) 7. Sonar's Ghost & Tim Reaper - Pony 8. Dead Man's...
  14. K

    Purgatory - Karma/6 Under (Insane Ambition Recordings)

    IA are pleased to announce the debut release from our newest family member Purgatory! We are taking it back to the oldskool with this one........ "karma" and "6 under" both take us on a trip to "back in the day" with some proper face melting hands in the air business!! Expect to see some crazy...
  15. DeeGun

    Coco Bryce - Rupture Mix 02/2018

    T/L 1. Kloke - Artificial Memories 2. Papa Shanti - What I Need 3. 2 Damn Rude - Zion Gate 4. DJ Dextrous - She Wants A 24/7 5. Nodal Intelligence - Organic Flashbreaks 6. Spirit - The Riff 7. DJ Solo - Pressure (Peshay Remix) 8. Jules Elipse - Dog Heart 9. Coco Bryce - Adventures In Perception...
  16. Leniz

    Drum & Bass MelloDrama - King Of Fire EP - SLR003

    Now that spring has arrived, we'd like to introduce you to a new sound of Mellodrama! With their new EP 'King of Fire', they bring the jungle-vibe back in order to make you have some nostalgic feels! 'King of Fire' is a heavy jungle roller with vocal cuts and a heavy bassline. Your typical...
  17. D

    DJ Rinze – Rave Your Heart Out! Mix (Jungle, Hardcore, Raggacore)

    The next mix is up. Heavy chopped amen and uplifting piano stabs. Energy level is pretty high. Again, vinyl only. Enjoy! Tracklist: 1) Bong-Ra – Warhead – CLASH006 (2004) 2) FFF – Junglist – CLASH003 (2003) 3) Sumone – Murdarah – sprengstoff 10 (2005) 4) Soundbites – CrazyHyperShit – DSR22...