Pensive Intent: Hard-Drive


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Feb 7, 2008
Like the fade in on the drums. The ye ye sample is a bit terrible. Like some of the bass ideas. Maybe add some reverb to the bass so it travels a bit smoother. Definatly remove the voice samples or change them in some way. Some nice ideas mate. Its a very busy tune. Sounds like you have several good ideas but have cramed them together. Try breaking the tune down and working on re-working them basslines you have till they fill the track. You know you have a good bassline when you can play it on its own and it still fills the whole spectrum of sound within the track.
Nice ideas mate. Gimmee a shout and i will have another liss if you need.

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Oct 15, 2004
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i was not expecting that lol, im listenin on laptop speakers the noises are comin thru fine an so are the drums, the thing that shocked me the most is the structure of the tune, its crazy! fuck mixing that lol good ideas just chill, you dont need to fit em all in one tune lol

Big up keep at it bro safe


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Aug 17, 2008
Hey thanks for the advice, but could u help me out a bit? Im still learnin structure n all that, and i have trouble making a descent length song without using soo many different chorus/samples u know? i need some advice on how to make it a decent length without overloading the song... if u could make a couple of suggestions that would b awesome.
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