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Im here for tech talk mostly and I've been studying the making of digital music for the past 8 years now.
All I have done Is by nothing other than my own intuitiveness and the scene in the whole Is a big turkey that needs stuffing up the arse with some phat stuffing or somehting....haha
So Im here but my I.p. is in even more places and some I don't even know how got there. I have to say since I got my home hub with multiple connections on the 5 pc's that were in my house were funked within a week. How often does all your pc's if you have multiple on the net, get a new i.p. cos mine get new ones every week nearly and lets not to forget to mention sometimes I can't even use the damn ting due to somebody else stealing the providing slots on my hub or somehting wierd. Please someone help me on this problemo if you can.
And last but not least, yeah I love beatz, no I don't like most toffee faced AIDZ ridden dj's cos when someone else comes along who has the right stuff for the job....lol :D they get *itchy and chat sh*t by the thousands in they're little network of dj career wreckers and bullshit talkers. I remember hearing this sentence years ago by some dj's from down south.

''We have nearly cleaned out the competition, all we have left is this god fella. Where ever he is, but we know what to say about him when the time comes. We have all the other clubs down south to help with the radio bullshit. yeh we always fuk people's nights up and then we mussle in on the left over space and make our cash. Its how its done these days.''


This is wan*ers talk and I think people like this need to be kicked really hard with steel toe cap bootz in the b*ll*x o_O)
What we need is a society made from people not w*nkers to kick people in the bollox with our steel toe cap bootz who say this sh*t and spread copulouse** amounts of poop-e about them when they do it to others, when stuff might be moving in the right direction for new comers or even almost veteran moving and mixing creators such as myself. Yeh we want people we can depend on but is the person you depend on or holding close within yourself as someone you feel is creating god for you, is actually the right sort of person in a universal directive<----meaning not cramping others and giving everyone a chance. I feel a few of the dj's out there are doing stuff to competition abit to much and we need someone to make the connections we all need and with the media protection of countering the bullshit back at the bullsh*teer's...lol
You know who we need, GOD, where ever he is.

Debate anyone???
Peace from Dub :)
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