noobish productions presents: Grinder


Too many skulls!">:O
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Mar 18, 2010
Madrid, Spain
I think this is pretty good tbh. I could go mad to this on a club fo sho!
You just gotta be carefull with the hi hats, sounding a bit robo-strange-tic.

Good job, sounds production wise man... :) don't call urself a noob.


sssounds so heavy...
Nov 2, 2009
I like the buildup and the bass sound mate, nice job man. I think if you worked a little more on the drums with a couple of edits, intro and outro you could have a good track!


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Jan 13, 2011
yeh thats high grade silence right there!

Ill post updates as it changes, so far ride has been added, hi-hats panned a bit and a slight delay. if they still sound robotic im at a loss. the intro needs major work.
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