DnB New Infradread DnB - Sanova

Sounding good to me. As with my own tunes it's hard to put my finger on just what could improve it. Some easy things first: slightly bump the volume of that high synth, it's barely audible. You certainly change grooves and bass lines a lot in this one, that's cool.

IMO, it needs more subbass specifically, and more warmth in the mid-low range in general. I think this is what makes it sound slightly dry to my ears. Cause the drums are great. You can also try raising the volume of EVERYTHING but the drums - if you are sidechaining and limiting you may find that you get a much fuller sound in this way. I mean to experiment, but realistically you're not going to be able to bring up the synths by more than 1-3dB. A touch of reverb on that whole synth buss may warm it up too.

"dancehall" part needs either longer synth notes or more percussion.

Well, I hope that helps. The details and everything with the synth work is really playful and trippy - the whole mix just sounds slightly "less" than what it should be.

And in the long run you will want way more of a build than that. Leave the beginning, but insert 32 bars before the first drop with the spoken sample chopped up, blazing kicks, sirens, the whole bag o tricks. You know what I mean if you like jump up.

cheers man, i tried all those things and yeh it seems better!
now i just need to decide where exactly the synths should sit aha
this might take a while... i am making the tinyest differences not sure if i can notice much difference at first but then something yells at me it is a bit loud or quiet...

i am generally shit at breakdowns (hence the bad dancehall bit and the lack of one to start with :P
but i tried adding a bit and it seems ok... will upload a new version later after i drive myself completely insane from hearing it over and over :P

PS no sidechain... i am also pretty bad at the actual production side of it. how do i do that? >.<

Edit: Uploaded a new version... i think probably i'll need to work more on the breakdown before the drop
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I like the bass on this one :)

I am sort of puzzled as to what to say :lol: I like the little synths. I think they help in keeping the tune that little bit more interesting :)

Lucider gave you some great advice though so I am sure that will help!
you would have heard the updated version that i did most of those things lucider said, the bass def feels warmer i think
Sounding really good. So crisp and clear. I still feel like there could be more subbass but I'm a bit off my rocker when it comes to subbass so you'll want to get some other opinions. That kick has a nice whack to it. I think it could be relatively louder in the mix and the snare could have more low end - but yeah, it's so nasty and the synth variation really stands out now!
This track is really solid. You do a really good job of having a lot of elements and complexity going on at once, while keeping everything cohesive and working together.

Head bobber for sure, had me moving.
yeeyeeyeeee! solid production here
i do have to agree with lucider tho, sounds dry; boost that 100hz + range a bit, throw ur kick bus on the bassline and hook it up to an equalizer down on the 110HZ range so u can boost that for the synths. Put a peak controller on the kick bus, and tweak it to your hearts desire. As this is the quickest sidechain tut ive ever given, use my advice as starter and check out a real tut haha. I am listening on good headphones with plenty bass and imo maybe a bit more sub bass.

definitely had me moving here, head bobbin and skanking hehe

woot! good shit tho
ok, so i tried to side-chain the bass with the kick, so it ducked under the kicks to punch the kick a bit more... i think it worked...
i boosted the lower end of the snare, and also did something to the low end on the master compressor i dont entirely understand... (changed from peak to rms detection... just realised rms is "average")
it made the sub louder but seems to have made everything a bit crunchier, and so isn't as clean, but i just couldn't figure how to get the sub any louder without it, i tried just turning the low end up in the compressor...

re-uploaded, check first post...

EDIT: actually i tried boosting the bassline synths at 100hz but it doesn't do anything, they don't go that low for there to be anything to boost, apart from the wobbly bass...
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