Netsky - Lost in this world

Mate i would love some 320's i think your production is top notch! An that member mix u done smacked it, was proper feelin your beats, an your mixin!!
Wont be surprised if labels start contacting you soon!
Great tune btw love the vox an atmos wasnt really feelin the sound of the main bass at first but it works well with the tune after a while, you got some great edits, im definitely feelin this big up!!!
That drop is just amazing. Big ups man, really feelin it. Gonna buy it ASAP.
Already loving King of the Stars, you really got some quality tunes right there, looking forward to hear more from you :2thumbs:
Heh, I remember watching this two days ago when it had only two views. Liquicity always uploads the best stuff, fair play dude, thats some banging stuff you got going on there.
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