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  • thats cool man. i kno eventually i will hear your tracks in peoples future mixes.Cant Wait!! Ill be lookn out for October then..need to get my mixing skills up.. :)
    Yo mike, was curious if you mixed as well? Do you have anything out..would really like to hear your tracks in a mixx. peeeeeeeace maine.
    No stress i been busy man..actually workn on a couple dubbs including my own. Been neglecting her for too long..and as for that tune "folded expression", pretty sick with it on that one..like girl vocals personally over the liquid funk!!please keep em coming!
    Hey Mike, when u get a chance would like to see a pic of ur Gti..i started a thread!! cheers Danny..VOLKSWAGEN FOR LIFE!!!!!!!
    Easy mate, hows it going? just wanted to drop you a quick message about Disfunktional Radio. We are a new radio station that is RAPIDLY building, we are multi genre and have lots of live DnB shows. you should come over and check us out, remember - if you listen to a live show get in the chat room too for requests and shoutouts.


    Timetable: (Please note we also have free slots for any DJs wanting a weekly show) http://z10.invisionfree.com/Disfunkt...p?showtopic=31

    Come over and check our forum out and tune into some live shows, look forward to seeing you around mate

    thanks for the comments matey, just checked ur reverbnation profile, lovin Vanilla, lush liquidity gwarnin! :D
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