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From Ottawa Canada I run several digital labels with distribution through Junodownload.com/juno.co.uk, www.trackitdown.net, www.discogs.com and various other digital download sites and affiliates.

Genres we are currently seeking:

Jungle/Drum n Bass

Our approach to music is in memory of Tony Wilson, the artist owns all rights, and receives 100% of sales profits, you are the label. We are a regisered company, operarting within legal boundaries of Canadian laws both financially and via copyright laws, with a number of us being producers and engineers ourselves the growth of our labels is the growth of our sales as well which is the method by which we believe our mission is financially viable.

All releases are digital, however annually our best sellers are released on a 2x12 inch 4 track LP to a limited 500 pressings.

If you're interested in submitting any music to be considered please send 64kbps full length tracks to corey.macdonald@gmail.com

alternatively you can upload the track to www.dubfiler.com and release a play only link, (alternatively via myspace as well)

We look forward to any submissions, whether your a new producer or a seasoned professional. We also offer no cost in house mastering.


Please forward all questions via email to corey.macdonald@gmail.com, as I do have a new child and do not have the same time to reply to multiple message board pm's
Tony Wilson was a great guy. Way ahead of his time. I'm really into the whole Factory story and library... from Joy Division all the way up to the acid house and Madchester stuff. Really cool to see a reference to it here.