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  • theme is apocalypse. so a drum directory with loops and one shots, a synths directory with sub bass, distorted bass, bass bass, i got michelle contributing with a genunie 303 samples direcotry, then some choirs, some diabolical fx and i mean it doesnt matter, in the end. right? does it really matter? long as its a quality sample pack with some original content and the sound is kind of 'evil' i think that will do just fine.
    i have looads of industrial recordings of my own, i can put up that part of the pack.
    think you can help out? i mean were not due until the end of the month anyway. or middle anyway. think you can swing it? or at least a little something?
    whats also important is that there are real loops that noobs can just puzzle together and think they did a tune, so as to maximize the participation. but ill put that up, just figured id hook that in there.
    yeah buddy id love some help with the sample pack, its much easier than you think, just a couple of folders, some loops for the noobs, some OC for the good old boys and away we go
    hey man, are you up for starting to sketch up the details for what will be the next compo? im sending this message to all the headz that contributed to the last one, and a few more whom i think will have smart shit to say, what do you think?
    Haha yeh it seems I forgot all about it! Thanks anyway, gonna give a listen!
    hey buddy, were you serious about having sent a tune for the compo? if so i apologize profusedly, dont know where in the fuck that got off to. maybe i deleted that email chain or something. darn.
    Yeah man, I noticed the tune but cant listen as I'm on the road atm. I'll be getting back home mid next week, will definately give a listen. Dont delete the tune from soundcloud!
    np, i know that problem :D - but especially with jump up and dnb in general, fx sometimes are what makes a track really special!
    thanks mate... i do have that dub siren, just aint got round to installing it yet! thanks for all the other advice too buddy, fx is defo one of those things that i know i need to learn but never want to bother (like compression, but once i did that...)!
    hello mate... was wondering if you could recomend me any fx/sweeps/lasers etc? limited sample packs for this and i've used all the good ones in earlier tunes, and i hate to recycle sounds
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