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Jaydee DJ

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Feb 14, 2017
Somewhere in the seven seas

I'm Jaydee and just joined the forum. I've been mixing all kind of electronic music for nearly 4 years now, but Liquid DnB has grown to be my favourite since 2 years or so. It's a genre that connects with a wide array of my emotions in a deep sense. I use this as an input to create Liquid mixes that tell the musical story of all kind of life happenings. And I can safely say it's the one thing in life that I absolutely love doing.

Besides music I also love philosophy (Alan Watts!) and writing/poetry. I like to combine these things with the mixes I make. I find this combination to be the perfect way to soothe whatever depression, anxiety or stress our society causes, and I would like to create a community around my mixes that share their interpretation of music to ultimately help all of us see things from a new perspective :).

I'll be posting my mixes here, probably at least 2/3 per month. Besides simply sharing them I'll be explaining the reason what led me to mix it, as in providing a background story. And sometimes I'll be sharing some poetry alongside them as well.

What I would absolutely love is not for you to just listen to my mixes, but make it more of an interactive thing. To go in depth into what my mix, a particular track, background story or poetry means to you. What it triggers inside of you. Just something personal that you recognize within them. Also please do share your own stuff, curious about that as well.

See you around!


Feb 20, 2016
hi welcome jaydee ;)
i am a big fan of alan watts also i feel you :2thumbs: his lecture about music was awesome ;)
see you on the forum (y)
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