1. Jaydee DJ

    Jaydee DJ (Liquid) - Interactive sharing of mixes!

    Hi! I'm Jaydee and just joined the forum. I've been mixing all kind of electronic music for nearly 4 years now, but Liquid DnB has grown to be my favourite since 2 years or so. It's a genre that connects with a wide array of my emotions in a deep sense. I use this as an input to create Liquid...
  2. Jaydee DJ

    DnB Jaydee DJ - Luminescence (Liquid DnB Mix)

    Hello! This is one of my latest Liquid mixes. I would describe it as an emotional, beautiful, deep, inspiring and uplifting mix. I'd like to share the story behind what made me create this one, as to make it more of an interactive thing. I'd love to hear what it is that my mix or a particular...
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