1. Boredome


    I'm happy to announce the first 2 episodes of my series of special mixes with exclusive tracks from the producers of the famous Worldwide forum Dogs On Acid, with few of my latest tunes included, lots of unreleased quality to ENJOY YOUR LISTENING! (feel free to support and repost)
  2. D

    DnB join my mixcloud

    come and join my page,for uploads everyday packed with loads of old and new jungle mixes from me the sparks.. please like and share and spread the word.. Cheers folks ! https://www.mixcloud.com/sparks-sparks3/ Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Djsparks1981?refid=8
  3. C

    DnB [WANTED] Independent Mixes/Producers Need your Tunes.

    Has anyone got any mixes or their own tunes i could upload - all credit to the rightful owner, just trying to get something started here, i've had a few nights held in my hometown but trying to promote and push independent dnb heads. regards, cONE.
  4. Jaydee DJ

    Jaydee DJ (Liquid) - Interactive sharing of mixes!

    Hi! I'm Jaydee and just joined the forum. I've been mixing all kind of electronic music for nearly 4 years now, but Liquid DnB has grown to be my favourite since 2 years or so. It's a genre that connects with a wide array of my emotions in a deep sense. I use this as an input to create Liquid...
  5. SoCalJungle

    Multi Genre Noisia Radio anyone?

    Who likes to listen to noisia radio? if you do happen to tune in on a new episode, what are some of your favorite tracks? always preferred their radio podcast simply because imo it's one of the more darker atmosphered podcasts out there with a bit of a nice switchup considering they also play...
  6. Rob Down

    DnB Renegade Hardware USB's

    Any other Hardware people got their USB's yet, I've got my classics one, was wondering if anyone was up for making a list of where the sets where from: So far I've only been able to listen to the C&S set and the digital and spirit one, this that might be from the 20 years of Hardware at...
  7. TwistedSenses16

    DnB New Mix on Soundcloud

    New mix on soundcloud if anyone wants to check it out, you can also listen to my original productions here too, hope you like it!! Tracklist; 1) Audio - Heads Up VIP 2) Audio - Headroom VIP 3) Black Sun Empire - Unconscious VIP 4) Audio - Ultron 5) June Miller - Saus 6) June Miller - Bad...
  8. Hebbs

    Classic Jungle Darkcore Video Mix - Download, all comments welcome

    Download at http://www.mediafire.com/listen/at3cb34stwdh9mh/Jungle_Drum_and_Bass_Mix.mp3 Dj SS - Rollidge Roni Size - It's a Jazz Thing Higher Sense - Cold Fresh Air Skanna - Nightwalker Renegade - Terrorist LTJ Bukem - Horizons Deep Blue - Helicopter Engineers without Fears - Spiritual Aura...
  9. R

    Help finding mixes wanted

    hey guys I've been listening to drum n bass since 98. I have recently got back into it after a bit of a hiatus. I can get most of the big djs sets from cdpacksuperstore. As andy c doesnt do these sorts of raves any more I was wondering where I can buy his latest mixes. Sorry but four mixes...
  10. DJ_Evolve

    ----Back To The Future [October 2015]----

    Enjoy :) Openers 01. Enei ft Charli Brix – Just One Look (Critical) 02. Amoss – Crooked Arm (Dispatch) Evolve 03. Break ft. Kyo - Gave Too Much (Symmetry) 04. Fre4knc ft. Mongoose - This Misery (Critical) 05. Klute - Westernized (Metalheadz) 06. Zero T - Rainha (DLR's 5AM Shadow remix)...
  11. Rimski

    House "Autumn's choice" September's best deep house

    Music is all under CC licence, check artists in the description Only video is done by me
  12. Rimski

    DnB Journey through Drum and Bass

    Tracklist: Tr10. Re(Ampersand) - 衛星トリフネ(Ampersand D'n'B Remix) 3.25 [Liquid] - Kepler by Ryrix 4.50 Fire Dance - kvalae [DNB.175BPM] 5.07 Departure - Musepie 4.57 Dnb by circular dope 3.50 Alex M - Supreme (Miniwoice DnB RmX) 6.50 Krispy - Rain 3.51 Feint - Vagrant (ft. Veela) 3.42 DUZI -...
  13. Rimski

    ChillTurtle September mixtape

    Best remixes of beginning of September Chillstep mixtape Chillstep tracklist: 00:00 Tranquil by R3kka 3.28 3:18 Silencyde - Reminisce 7:16 Hollywild - Say Who You Are, Mean What You Say (Original 12:10 Chillstep Mix) by Blakes Revolution 2.17 9:26 LAKE by Nylon Children 2.48 12:10 Fly by...
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