Intelligent DnB Compo August 2018 Official Thread


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Feb 8, 2002
Greetings DnbForum Droogs!

We are hereby announing the latest Dnb Forum production compo 2018.

Supported by none other than BHK samples, purveyor of the finest drum and bass samples in the world!

Unlike some of the other competitions that have been held here we wanted to fix the genre this time and after careful consultation, Intelligent Drum n Bass has been chosen.

So, the rules are as follows:

1) We want to hear the smoother side of drum n bass in this comp. The style that takes influence from ambient, chillout, funk and jazz. The atmospheric style that was very popular in the 90s and is still pushed today by many amazing artists.
If your at all unsure of the genre here are some artists to check.

Pioneers of the early sound
LTJ Bukem
Wax Doctor
Adam F
4 Hero

New Artists still pushing this sound
D Bridge
Kid Drama
Artificial Intelligence
Fracture and NEptune
Seba and ALaska
Doc Scott

And arguably the best intelligent dnb song ever from LTJ Bukem

2) Manu has sourced a sample pack for us all. You are free to use the sample pack as you please, we really like to see some creativity in sound design here but bear in mind adding wavetables to synths would be considered cheating. We want you to use sampling techniques here.

You are allowed to record any vocals you like.

You must be able to recreate the sample if challenged. Noone has ever been challenged but keep it in mind.

Remember intelligent dnb pads were never so much a synth sound as it was a chord.

You use the pack and the pack only. This is big boy compo, if you can't make intelligent dnb with our pack, then by all means, stay away. This is a challenge, we don't owe you anything.


Here is an example track made by our very own K2T, aka @SteveR94!
This is an example of what can be done with the sample pack, not necessarily what should be done with it, your creativity will decide in the end how you fare in the face of fate and the forest of wizards

BHK himself has made a dummy track too, showcasing what can be done with the sample pack, and as you can clearly see for your gracious selves, it's truly capable, the limit is only what you make of it. This is a techy offering to wet your imagination, please keep in mind the compo is for intelligent dnb, but there is nothing wrong with being inspired:
You won't beleive this, but BHK has not only put up the mastered track for download, but also the stems!!!![/URL]

3) Competition officially starts today and runs for 8 weeks. All entries must be pm'd to myself or Manu by the first of the month after next month (I don't quite know the months) . This is subject to change.

4) The entries will be posted in a thread with a poll from which we will get our three finalists. One vote per person and no voting for yourself under pain of disqualification. These will then be judged by honarable members of our forum, based on how well you nailed the sub genre, creativity, sound design and mix/master, from which get the final scores and thusly our winner.

Do ask if you have questions, also holler if you want to be a judge.

5) NEWS AS OF 5 SEPT The three finalists shall recieve a dnb sample pack gift card from BHK and of course godly status on the best dnb forum ever.

1st place : 150 eur gift card at BHK!
2nd place: 100 eur gift card at BHK!
3rd place : 50 eur gift card at BHK!

We are officially supported by BHK who has, in his infinite kindness, agreed to sponsor our compo with these prizes!

BHK samples is the finest sample packs available, and for drum and bass, there is simply no competition, outranks even loopmasters and the like.

Here's tags for all artists who have shown an interest so far but we are looking to get as many entries as possible so everyone get in here and give this a shot.

@Sulihin @Ihamitsu @xiris Rounder RG @robots777 @Kai98 @BinstonVanGogh @Bart Barnes @Fluff @JoJabes @MARKLAR @BetaFlex

I think we're all really looking forward to this one and not least of all Manu since it is his favorite style of dnb.

Respect to Manu Forti for hooking up the sample pack and all his hard work on this compo so far.

Good luck gents!
Carl and Ron xoxoxoxo
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Manu Forti

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Mar 8, 2007
This style defo rocks my world. I can listen to Horizons on loop all day, brings back memories of good times. A simple hook that almost unnerved me at first but once it clicked, you just had to find out what this genre was all about. Hardcore was out the window after that and so was any hope of a mainstream future.

The sample pack was fashioned around sounds from the heyday of intelligent dnb...
Loads of Rhode samples and pads.
Added some raw saw waves so you can fashion your own pads as well since thats what made the genre so distinct.
A few drum loops and plenty of oneshots, so please get intricate with your drums and show of here.
Oodles of FX samples.
And of course 808s for those popping basslines.
Its a mixed bag in any case with some newer sounds added so you can make it more current if you please.

Im under the impression @Dark Lizardro is going to judge? And im sure @SteveR94 said he would help on the judging front too?

I think thats it then, good luck and enjoy!

Bart Barnes

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Jul 2, 2018
Can we record some vocals from a film? Or does it have to be a recording of the producer singing or humming?


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Jul 28, 2006
Anybody had any luck with the sample pack?

I get a 34MB file but when I try and open it I get this message:

Dnb Forum Comp August 2018.rar is not RAR archive

No files to extract
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