Hi-Tek (Friction Remix) - Lovin' it

Ah well!

It's a good thing, I'm trying not to buy any vinyl at the moment any way, I'm soo broke this month.
Mulla said:
Not feeling it too much, although the halfway change is pretty good.

Not a patch on the original anyhow.
Yeah, it's all about that switch, love it :slayer:
Well personally I love the original and I think Friction has done nothing but tame it down a little.

So much hype for a tune that even when teased isn;t much.

Sorry for the strong opinion, just it's been hyped up too much !
I'd like to see the same notes played with the sounds mampi used, the charm of the tune for me was the grit of the sounds which firction seems to have lost but it still bounces quite nicely
Due 4 release at end of May. New dillinja is sposed 2 b out then aswell-all the things/forsaken dreams - tunes comin out at end of May!!gota save up 4 that
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