Hi, new gal from BC, Canada!


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Nov 17, 2008
Hello, my name is Brianna and i'm loving liquid dnb at the mo, danny byrd, concord dawn, high contrast... spin with two mk3s, and a pioneer djm400. serato is often used because my vinyl collection is tiny (got those sexy red control records!) - no mixes recorded yet, but hope i can get some up for ya. hope to meet some new ppl
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Nov 17, 2008
Thanks for the welcome!

Ok, so my first "real" show was a New Year's eve party, I threw together a dnb set and went on at 2 am.

Gold Rush- Danny Byrd ft. Brookes Brothers
Dawn Treader- Brookes Brothers and Futurebound
Shooting Star- Contour
Serious Things- Visionary
Tears you Down- Brookes Brothers
Joy And Pain- Danny Byrd ft Redd
Planet Music VIP- Danny Byrd ft. MC Foxy
and then I mixed Aphrodite-Crater and MIA Paper Airplanes in together (but I actually want to make a better mix of that)
Shanghai Skyline- Logistics
Good Love- State of Mind ft Laura Pacheco
Autumn- DJ Die
People Together- Bachelors of Science
Nightline- Killin Time

So, I want to make a decent recording of this set because I haven't yet. I'll probably use Serato, and I'm hoping for tips on how to make my transitions a little more creative. Plus, If you've ever tried dropping MIA's Paper Airplanes into a drum and bass track, what did you use? I tell you, it's always a hit when I do it, even if the mix isn't exactly smooth... but yeah, so far it's been Crater..

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