Hedex style heavy jump up synth ideas?


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Feb 5, 2016
Durham, England.
Hi guys, so basically my thinking behind this was that those kind of Hedex/Jack the ripper style huge heavy jump up synths are pretty hard to come across, as far as tutorials or advice on how to make them goes. So i thought it might be a good idea to create a thread for anyone with advice/presets/any helpful things to do with these kind of sounds, to post them in. I personally work in massive so any advice for getting this stuff out of massive would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance :)


Yeah looking for the same thing , I can't seem to get the tones that sound as heavy and interesting as theirs.

Be good to see what the right processes are to get those kind of sounds and start trying to make my own


Jul 25, 2012
I don't really know here to start for the basses because I kind of make mine by accident lol but get a bass it doesn't even have to be special I've used a really shit bass before and slapped an fx on and it made it soo good, delay is your friend, but not normal delay I'm talking 20ms kind of delays, if you have ableton the simple delay can link both sides so they do the same delay on each side, and then fine tune the delay time to between 18-24 ms, that might be personal preference but I find between them times work best, turn the feedback up a bit and it gives you that real metallic kind of sound that is a good start, it really makes bass come alive and then start adding other fx and sometimes you can benefit with a second delay after all your other fx, hope this helps guys ☺️

Oh and the sound you get will vary with each note I think it is to do with the delay value reacting differently to the frequency value so I reccommend focus on one note and bounce it out, although I have used different notes for variation in my bass because they will still sound cohesive with one another.
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