1. prophetmusic

    DnB Hedex main bass??? Help

    yo guys i'm currently working on a hedex inspired track but i'm really stuck on the sound design of the bass and there's literally no tutorials on the web so if anyone could help I'd appreciate any help thanks
  2. Curricula

    Making that dutty jump up lead

    Anyone got any tips on how to make that filth screechy jump up lead, something of a hedex kinda style. But in particular i was thinking like the one from this tune, been trying to create something similar for hours! Can't find any good tuts on youtube for jump up leads either! safe
  3. Stompz

    Hedex style heavy jump up synth ideas?

    Hi guys, so basically my thinking behind this was that those kind of Hedex/Jack the ripper style huge heavy jump up synths are pretty hard to come across, as far as tutorials or advice on how to make them goes. So i thought it might be a good idea to create a thread for anyone with...
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