1. Freek

    Freek January 2023 mixtape

    New mixtape up on my soundcloud.. tracklist will be posted soon
  2. J


    ⚠️📢💥Go check out this NEW dirty DNB track SMOKIN' PLENTY. NOW AVAILABLE ON ALL PLATFORMS ⚠️📢💥
  3. The Priestess of the Moon Pt. 2

    The Priestess of the Moon Pt. 2

    We learn very young in our life that images aren't as they seem. When violet's turn red, and the death of our love has been foreseen. Violet is the color of the moon's true beauty.
  4. B

    Reprezent DNB London Competition Set

    COMPETITION ENTRY RULES ! Entrants must be aged 18 or over available on 7th July between 4-6pm & be available for the night of the event on 20th July 2018!. All entries must be in by 6pm Sunday 1st of July 2018. HOW TO ENTER ! 1. Like & Share this post. 2. Like, Share and invite friends to the...
  5. D

    DnB new jump up tune

  6. D


    hi im dj gissmoe I'm from watford and ive been djing and producing as a hobby for 8 years I'm self taught I've just released fifty tunes for free download on soundcloud you can find them here https://soundcloud.com/dj-gissmoe I've just started my twitter account and don't many followers but i...
  7. D

    new jump up tune

  8. Mistwist

    DnB Ozma - Paid for Information EP - Out Now!

    All Drum&Bass Massive! Today was the next release of Timeofnight Rec! Paid For Information - an unconditional fighter tune from Ozma, this jump up banger sounds in a classic manner of fatty arrangement with a rumbling reece and an interesting wobble baseline, drop of this track guarantees an...
  9. Missunderstood

    DnB Mysterious as the dark side of the soon

    Heya guys, Here is my very first mix, I've done it ages ago with some shitty decks but I decide to post it anyway. Because Drum and Bass is my therapy, I wanna share it with all of you guys, and I hope you'll enjoy it! Feel free to share and tell me what you think about it All advices are...
  10. Freek

    Freeks Midweek Minimix 02 - 31.05.2017

    Freeks Midweek Minimix 02 This week I've got a new exclusive bit of liquid dnb from me as well as lots of new music from across the full spectrum of dnb.. Enjoy -TRACKLIST- 01. Freek - 831 - Dub 02. Subtone - Proverbial (Break Remix) - Full Force Dub 03. Malux - Fulcrum - Eatbrain Dub 04...
  11. Freek

    Freek - The story so far - Studio Mix

    Freek - The story so far... A 50 minute studio mix containing nothing but freeky beats including a few brand new exclusives** TRACKLIST Freek - Born Different Freek - If You Want Me To** Freek & Levela - Suffering Freek - Vendetta Freek - Incriminating Evidence Freek & Turno - Another World...
  12. SublimitDNB

    DnB Sublimit - Mechanized Sessions VOL 4 (FREE/DL)

  13. Freek

    DnB Freek guest mix on DJ Hypes show on Kiss 03.05.2017

    Tracklist Nostalgia - Gin and Bass (Dub) Total Recall - Follow The Flute (T>I Remix) (Dub Voltage Dub) Freek - Junkie VIP (Multi Function Dub) Dangerous & Basstripper - Best Intentions ChaseR - My Vision (Ignescent Dub) Tsuki - 35MM (Freek Remix) ChaseR - Bad Dreams Looney - Addiction VIP Bou &...
  14. Destro Bass

    Free Subkillaz tune, Courtesy of USJUMPUPMOVEMENT

    Click on the link above to grab this months free tune, courtesy of USJUMPUPMOVEMENT! This month, we got a huge banger from San Diego duo Subkillaz! Be sure to follow on soundcloud and grab the rest of the free tunes from this series!
  15. BANZAR

    I Love You Drum and Bass [ILYDNB]

    Hello guys! I'm glad to present you my new podcast "I Love You Drum and Bass"! Playlist, download link and more: 1) Barbarix - 8 Bit 2) Homeboy - Artificial Organism (Machine Code Remix) 3) Limtek - Cyberface 4) Mindmapper & Silvahfonk - Downfall 5) Sublimit - Imagination 6) Anile - Containment...
  16. A


    New to mixcloud so give me a follow for more in the future peace
  17. Destro Bass

    Destro - Vaporwave EP Now available for FREE DOWNLOAD [5 DNB TUNES]

    ---Grab the latest free drum and bass EP now from Destro--- -Click on shopping cart button on Soundcloud links below for song download-
  18. prophetmusic

    DnB Hedex main bass??? Help

    yo guys i'm currently working on a hedex inspired track but i'm really stuck on the sound design of the bass and there's literally no tutorials on the web so if anyone could help I'd appreciate any help thanks
  19. Mistwist

    Timeofnight FREE001 - Lowriderz, Ozma - Out Now!

    It's time to submit next free release from Timeofnight crew with some militants of jumpup genre. To download tracks is necessary to support our soundcloud account. Enjoy this sound massive! Big ups!
  20. M

    What makes an MC differentiate completely from your standard Host ?

    I find a lot such as quality, lyrics, picking your moment, breaks, crowd control and Hype.. most important is putting in passion.. no one likes stand as around no energy MCS shouting bars upon bars.. they should at least look like they arefused at least really enjoying themselves.. im not one to...
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