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Jan 1, 1970
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dnbforum had a chat with one of the UK's most talented DJ/producers, Friction. With releases and forthcoming releases on Renegade Hardware, Transparent, Advanced, and Charge, things are certainly looking good for the 26 year old from Brighton, UK.

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Jan 1, 1970
Portsmouth, UK

1. What is your first name?


2. How old are you?


3. Where are you from?

Brighton, UK

4. How long have you been producing Drum & Bass?

I made my first tune in about ‘96

5. Do you think your location has affected your success in Drum & Bass?

Um, not really. I don't think it really makes that much difference.

6. How long have you been mixing for?

I started mixing about 10 years ago in small clubs and parties around the Brighton area.

7. What are your Drum & Bass influences?

As a DJ, Randall was always my favourite, the way he used to put a set together would fascinate me. Swift has always been a big influence with me as well as one of my good mates. Production wise Stakka gave me my production bug, such a talented geezer.

8. Do you have any other musical interests?

Loads, I love hip hop, some breaks, rnb, anything that grabs my attention!

9. How did you become involved in the Drum & Bass scene?

I actually started up a jungle fanzine when I was younger and i met a lot of people in the scene through that

10. What did you do before Drum & Bass?

Sold cars, sunglasses, worked at next, lots of different jobs!

11. What is the Drum & Bass scene like in your area?

Brighton has always had a very healthy drum and bass scene, some really good parties down here.

12. 2003 looks to be a good year for Drum & Bass, where do you see it heading?

I see it growing and growing, just as long as it keeps covering all the styles, hard, mellow, jump up etc!

13. What are your favourite Drum & Bass web sites?

All the sites that help push drum & bass.

14. Do you have a web site?

No, not at the moment but I'm getting it sorted at the moment.


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Jan 1, 1970
Portsmouth, UK

1. Hardware or software?

Both, why not!

2. What hardware/software (use as applicable) do you use to produce?

Akai 3200, Mackie desk, Logic, Loads or soft synths etc. I like my beats to come out of a sampler though definitely.

3. CD/MP3 or vinyl?


4. Can you describe your sound?

I really like to try and use lots of different elements in my music, the main thing is that it works on a dance floor

5. What projects are you currently working on?

I'm working on an EP for Renegade Hardware at the moment as well as some other little projects I'm keeping quiet about until they're finished!

6. Do you plan to tour soon? If so, where?

I'm gonna tour the us and Australia again b4 the years out

7. Are you working on any other genres other than Drum & Bass?

No, but I will when I get my own studio

8. Are there any Drum & Bass artists you would like to work with?

Id really like to work with BC and Keaton again soon as well

9. How do you manage bad conditions when you are DJing?
Examples: Slip mats, faulty turntables, bad acoustics!

I would say the best thing to do when its going on like that is to not try and be too adventurous. There is no point trying to impress if the conditions are gonna fuck you up, cos you'll just end up looking silly. Trust me its happened to me b4!

10. Is there a certain tune you would like to remix?

Would have been Renegade Snares by Omni trio but I got beaten to it!

11. Are there any non-Drum & Bass artists you would like to work with?

Dr Dre, Timbaland, Neptunes', loads of people!

12. What Drum & Bass tunes are currently at the front of your record box?

Neo – Hive, B There in The Morning – Ill Skillz vs Concord Dawn, Martians – Dkay, Infected Spirit - Friction & Dylan

13. How did it feel when you first heard someone drop one of your tunes at a club?

It really is a wicked feeling, I still feel the same way now every time I hear someone play one. (Maybe slightly different if the DJ isn't meant to have the tune!)

14. What can we expect from Transparent in the near-future?

Some more stuff by Raiden, a Rascal and Klone EP with a Militia remix, and some other nu cutting edge artists!

15. Do you have a favourite "all time" tune?

Unfinished Symphony ‘Massive Attack’ or ‘Renegade Snares’ by Omni Trio

16. Do you consider yourself a better DJ or producer?

Definitely a better DJ, im not a my peak level as a dj or a producer but ive been djing longer. The best is yet to come!

17. Turntables.. Technics or Vestax?

Technics of course!

18. MCs.. yes, no, or depends?

I work well with any mc that actually wants to work with me, not just pick up the mic and chat a whole heap of nonsense over the music to look good in front of his friends. I listen to hip-hop a lot, I love good MC’s but you have to work as a team!

19. Dubplates.. 10 or 12 inch?

12 inch! Nice and Loud.

20. Computer format.. PC, MAC, or both?

PC but I may well be switching to Mac soon!

21. Bootlegs.. yes, no, or depends?

As a DJ, ill play it if its good


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Jan 1, 1970
Portsmouth, UK

1. If you could move from Brighton, where would you move to?

I think id probably move a bit closer to London, but not too close, say Surrey or somewhere like that.

2. Do you drive, and what do you drive?

I drive a Peugeot 206 GLX which I'm selling within the next few months if anyones interested!

3. What is your favourite film?

American Pie or any of the old school teen comedies.


1. Any shouts or final words?

Jodie, Charlie, all my mates and the people that support me!


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Jan 1, 1970
Portsmouth, UK
I would like to thank and big up Friction for taking time out for the interview! :slayer:

Also, a big shout to everyone who submitted their question/s! :)


Re: Friction

This interview's a bit out of date bro...

He was 32 last birthday. He's married and his boy 'Charley' is about 12. Lol
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